Abortion is the termination of pregnancy through the removal of the baby before nine months are over. Abortion is an ethical issue which brings the question is it right to abort or wrong. Also, we ask ourselves what the society thinks about this problem. There are many serious discussions whether abortion is morally right or wrong. Some people consider abortions immoral and compare it with a murder of a human being which unacceptable in the society. If the killing was right, then abortion would be allowed. So, abortion is immoral and wrong.

If we do say abortion is immoral or abnormal, can it be justified in cases of raping? Does the woman have the right to abort since it did not intend to have a baby? Some people may argue that any person has the right to do with his or her body everything possible. Also, some families are not ready to raise a child and this leads to abortion. Will abortion be accepted? There are many questions to answer.

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In the modern world is the teens and youth under thirty are showing high abortion rate. Nowadays fifteen-year girls are engaged in having unprotected sex which sometimes results in pregnancy.\in order to terminate the pregnancy they have an abortion. Teenagers and young people do not consider abortion a wrong act due to the fact some laws make it illegal, for example in the United States, and that is why they think it is normal. Also, teenage abortion happens due to parents’ pressure because they do not want to see their daughters pregnant and force them, intentionally or unintentionally, to abort. In most countries, abortion cases are more numerous among young people than among elderly women

In many countries Abortion is a result of many factors for women and teenagers. In cases of unwanted pregnancy, many teenagers prefer to do an abortion. Because they are not ready to bear the consequences. Some pregnant teenagers are ashamed and are afraid of being despised or rejected by society. That is why many teenagers think that abortion is the best way to avoid vulnerable situations especially if they live in a society where pregnancy before marriage is a taboo. In some instances, women become pregnant because methods of birth control do not work. It is also possible that unwanted pregnancy is the result of health problems or inability to support a child.

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Many societies consider abortions totally immoral. There are countries where it is also illegal and a woman may receive a jail sentence if she carries out an abortion

In some countries women who had abortions become outcasts and they may even have to change the place of residence or even move to another country. It is also relevant to mention that abortion can cause death of a mother especially if a child is seven month old and older. Also, some doctors are unprofessional to perform abortion and can unintentionally kill a mother. I were a teenage and got pregnant I would take care of my baby until I bear it because to my mind abortion is morally wrong and should not be accepted by the society. Abortions do not differ from killings of the human being and any law systems do not accept them. Moreover, my religious beliefs do not allow me to do so because Bible clearly says that nobody has the right to kill and no murder could be justified. That is why abortions should be banned in order to establish harmonious co-existence of people in the society.

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