An Uncomfortable Situation

The way we present ourselves to others speaks volumes of words about our personality. This can be manifested through a myriad of ways which do not necessarily involve speech; some are visual others may be olfactory. Our demeanor is pivotal to determining the opportunities we stand to get in life. It is therefore imperative that we give our bodies the attention they deserve. This will be instrumental in determining our circle of friends as well as other things in life that we ostensibly cannot get due to certain predispositions.

Man is a social being hence the need for corporal hygiene. Good bodily hygiene fosters harmony due to the frequency of bodily contact that transpires during our interactions. Anything that impedes this process is a retrogressive instrument. This would lead to the victim of such a predicament being imperceptibly ostracized by the members of the society. The person may demonstrate poor hygiene through unpleasant body odor that s/he may omit. This is regardless of how clean their clothes may be. This factor will orchestrate the negative response they will elicit even after getting a warm reception from unsuspecting individuals.

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The situation is, however, a redeemable one since there are a number of ways to handle it. The repugnant body odor may be as a result of the kind of bacteria present on your skin. This would mean that the bacteria would produce a repugnant smell regardless of whether you have taken a bath or not. This is why you would be mistaken to be a dirty person yet you observe hygiene. The smell repudiates many and accusing fingers would be pointed at you for the wrong reasons. This is the kind of scenario that encompasses the opinion people hold of you. They fail to understand your situation and instead gossip about what they do not comprehend. This is a bold step to approach your predicament in writing and try to save you from unprecedented embarrassment in future.

In order to change this situation, there is a systematic approach to solving it. First of all, it is essential to shave the hair under you armpit. This hair possesses a tendency to block the free flow of air in the pit of you arm. It then generates a lot off heat that would induce sweating since it traps pockets of air under your armpit. Regular shaving of this hair with the use of razors available in local stores will go a long way to curtail the foul smell.

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The second approach entails the use of antibacterial soaps. These soaps are very effective in annihilating bacteria that causes bad smell. It is important to visit a dermatologist to have him recommend the type of antibacterial soap that is compatible with your skin type. This would save you the trouble of reacting to harsh antibacterial soap or even developing allergic reactions.

Thirdly, you will need to invest in a deodorant that is in tandem with your level of activity. Usually, dark deodorants are meant for blue-collar workers as well as sportsmen. They are generally for people who participate in rigorous outdoor activities. The light colored deodorants are suitable for people who work office jobs and other light jobs. If you have alternating work schedules between light and rigorous activities, you can opt to buy both types of deodorants. Instead of deodorant sprays, you can opt for roll-ons. They also prevent perspiration. They do this by reacting with the first drops of sweat they come into contact with. They then form an innocuous compound that blocks the sweat pores in your armpits. This will immediately arrest the process of sweating leaving you smelling as fresh as ever.

It is beyond a shadow of the doubt that following these three simple steps will go a long way in transforming your social life. Thank you for your time.

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