For the last few decades, the number of cosmetics procedures performed globally has increased drastically (Hamermesh, 2011). Beauty has remained a key consideration in various aspects of lives since time immemorial, especially among women. They used herbs and oils to keep their skin soft and shining. Currently, assortments of chemicals and more natural makeup kits have not been a novelty. It is a fact that most women and men will not go out without using cosmetics, since it enables them keep their appearance better than it has been before (Hamermesh, 2011).

Even in the contemporary society, an individual’s appearance plays a role in dismissal, prejudice, and marginalization (Hamermesh, 2011). Individuals, who feel discriminated because of their appearance, have a chance to revitalize due to the positive effects of using cosmetics. In the society, life is perceived as an ongoing process of emulation and competition. Thus, one’s image is considered as the most central element in all social contexts (Hamermesh, 2011).

People can take care of their skin, hair, clothing and nails using cosmetics, which help in boosting their self-esteem (Mitsui, 1997). Consequently, individuals can freely adjust, defend, protect and express themselves freely. Sociologists have illustrated that individuals, who use cosmetics, can improve their personal relationship (Mitsui, 1997). Correspondingly, make-ups have helped persons to conquer their inferiority complex and break away from their depressive propensities. Thus, beauty achieved through cosmetics can equally contribute to personal stability and the driving force behind every society’s integration.

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In the healthcare system, positive effects of beauty are being studied by continuous researchers (Mitsui, 1997). Cosmetics developed for older persons have not only rejuvenated them, but also enabled them remain attractive thus reducing chances of self-neglect, de-socialization and loss of emotional and logical abilities among the elderly. Health workers assert that appropriate washing and shaving are vital in restoring an individual’s health (Mitsui, 1997). Cosmetic industries and ventures practice the same program, especially among psychiatric patients. In England, the Red Cross organization has adopted cosmetology as an alternative medicine to improve patients’ self-esteem (Mitsui, 1997). These acts illustrate the way beauty changes lives of people. Likewise, the World Health Organization (WHO) asserts that health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being (Mitsui, 1997). Cosmetics, as an alternative medicine, results in personal care, skin protection, and rejuvenation, thus enhance personal health.

Beauty has equally influenced the movie and music industries. Celebrities and movie stars use cosmetics to ensure that they are appealing and presentable. In this regard, they inspire their fans to recreate their looks. These celebrities earn money advertising the means of cosmetics, apart from popularizing the movie and music industries.

Regarding individuals, who work as the cosmetologist, beauty has changed their lives in several ways. People often purchase cosmetics or seek services and advice from cosmetic experts in attempts to look prettier. Consequently, the cosmetic industry provides numerous employment opportunities. Currently, the number of beauty professionals has been increasing (Berry, 2007), as compared with other industries. No other industries offer the numerous opportunities for individuals to start their business and improve their lives in turn (Berry, 2007). Individuals having skills and training can begin their own businesses and develop careers in the beauty industry. These individuals can become their own bosses and fully tap their talents and skills. For this reason, some individuals have found fulfilling careers as cosmeticians.

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