Choosing a Marriage Partner and Challenges of Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important life decisions that one makes. Marriage is a lifetime commitment that affects all aspects of the life of the individual. Therefore, one should take utmost care when choosing a marriage partner. It is crucial to know your marriage partner intimately before committing to the individual through marriage. Choosing a wrong marriage partner would lead to divorce, which would cause the couple or children they might have much heartache.

In choosing a marriage partner, one should look for a person who has similar values, backgrounds and goals in life. It is a fact that opposites attract, but these people may not have the harmonious life when they start living together due to conflicting lifestyles. However, people who share similar beliefs and moral values and are of common social origin have a higher chance of living harmoniously than people who have different social backgrounds.

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Living together before marriage is not a convincing proof that people will live harmoniously after marriage. People who have had multiple cohabiting partners before marriage are more likely to experience marital conflict than people who do not cohabit before marriage, and this conflict may lead to eventual divorce (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2006). Therefore, it is vital for people not to cohabit for a long time before they get married.

Sexual satisfaction is one of the main factors of harmonious marriage life. Married couples are more likely to have the sexual satisfaction that people who simply cohabit. This is contrary to the popular belief that married sex is boring (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2006). Couples who abstained from having sex until marriage are more likely to have more sexual satisfaction than couples who had sex before marriage. This further underlines the point that couples should not cohabit.

When people are married, they are likely to experience several problems during the first few years of marriage. This period is usually the most trying one that would ultimately lead to the breakup of the marriage if not handled properly by the couple. During the first few years of marriage, romance and lust that the couple has for each other fades and the reality sinks in. This may make couple start doing less fun things together and not to enjoy each other’s company as they used to. During this period, couples start noticing the differences that were unimportant while they were dating. However, to overcome these problems couple should strive not to have negative feelings towards each other and show respect and affection towards the other partner.

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