The number of young people accessing pornography through the internet has continued to increase. Sociologists have found out that the incident of unintentional exposure to porn has risen by 26% among young people between the years of 1999 and 2000 and by 34% in 2005. They also found that boys use porn sites more frequently if to compare with girls, and the use is constantly increasing with age. Studies have shown that each year about 40% of teens and preteens visit porn sites either unintentionally or intentionally (DeAngelis, 2007). Researchers worry about the impact of pornography on the adults work and family lives and more so its effects children and teens. Studies being conducted have shown relationships between the web porn use among young people and sexual attitude (DeAngelis, 2007).

Some studies suggest that those people who visit porn sites are going to view sex as a pure physical act; while others may view women as sex objects. It has been shown that porn sites affect teen’s sexual attitudes. For example, a study conducted among 471 teens who were the Dutch showed that the oftener teenagers used porn sites, the more they developed an attitude to sex that is called recreational one, and they treated sex as a physical act only (DeAngelis, 2007). Another study found that young people develop an attitude that it is not a must to have the love for people in order to have sex. Boys were found to have this attitude more than girls as they embraced the material as something realistic. Studies have proven that parenting styles can have a great influence on using porn sites. It was cleared out that authoritative parents were considered to be rather neglectful because they limit their children to use porn sites (DeAngelis, 2007).

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It is believed that sexual curiosity is a part of developmental processes and that the internet porn is one, and thus, it may be completely impossible to prevent it (DeAngelis, 2007). I don’t agree to this because as far as sex curiosity is a part of the development process, in the old days there was no much exposure to porn site and teens developed properly. It is true that porn sites change teens’ attitude to sex, and it has led to the corruption of morals and values. Porn sites have made teens view sex as a physical function, and this has led to many engaging in premarital sex. With the rise of HIV/AIDS, this is dangerous, and parents should be keen on what their children access on the internet.

It is also believed that when teenagers begin to show an interest in sex, they become knowledgeable about finding different ways to access some porn sites on the internet (DeAngelis, 2007). Parents should educate teens about the effects of accessing porn sites and counsel them. Young people should be educated that online porn is a rather specific notion of sexuality and sex; thus, it usually does not correspond to experiences what adults have in their sexual lives. Exposure to porn may predispose young people because a normal relationship is considered by them due to the attitude developed to sex. This may affect teens even in their adulthood and marriage life. I agree that porn sites change teen’s attitude to sex, and, therefore, more researches should be conducted on how to reduce the number of young people who access porn sites.

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