Crimes against Property

Crime against property is the forms of theft that there is no force is directed towards any person of any kind. This paper deals with three crimes by defining the elements including the actus reus and the mens rea, identifying the category of each crime and giving a scenario of the three crimes.


This is the crime of illegally seizing and carrying a person away by force or through fraud. In other wards it can be to seize and detain a person against the will of the person with an intention of transporting that person away at a later time. It usually occurs when a person is non-consensually and illegally sported and kept in hold for different reasons. These reasons may include a ransom gain or the reward, the facilitation of the commission of felony or make a flight after the commission of crime, to terrorize or inflict injury on the body of the victim or a person in the third party and to interfere with the governmental or political functions (Kaplan & Weisberg, 1991)

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The crime of kidnapping falls under the category of crime against person. This is because the process of kidnapping, the process of defining it implies the characteristics of crime against humanity. The violation hostages that are kidnapped deny the right to personal liberty. As long as they are acting on the personal freedom is being violated (Blinka, 1995).

The person’s dignity is being violated. The kidnapping crime has a foundation in violating, coercion or any other means to make people hijacked, followed by harming or killing the hostage.

The typical scenario can be of From Sun to Darkness, where Ray stopped the bus to see if the van broken van wanted assistance. Ray’s attention was captured by two things, the gun that the stranger had and the stocking over the head of the stranger. Who came into the bus and ordered Ray to move at the back sit. Children in the bus reacted differently to the stranger, and then two men appeared from the van and entered the bus. Then one drove the bus while the other watched Ray and the children. Later the Ray and the children entered other vans that were tightly covered hence no light. Where then were moved to dark place. At the end the kids were hungry

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This is the crime of willingly and maliciously setting fires to the structures or the areas that are considered wild lands. This type of crime is punishable since the arson endangers life and property. In some parts one dyeing due to arson fire, the case is considered murder. The reasons that may lead to arson may include; the owner of the property may commit arson to get the property value that has fire insurance. On the other hand it might be committed to cover up the evidences of another crime, while others see the thrill and the entertainment part of it. Others are committed not with the intension of burning the structure down but have the property damaged, and lastly it may be done for revenge (Hall, 2001)

Arson is categorized under the crime against property. This is because there is no force that is directed to an individual. Following the federal bureau of investigation’s of uniform crime reporting program as indicated in the Crime in the U.S 2002, among the theft property crimes mentioned arson is among them (Hall, 2010)

One of the scenarios that happened is that in Lincoln St. where the lady was called Mangum had a fight with the boyfriend. According to the police report, Mungum scratched, punched and threw objects at her boyfriend. She then went into a birth room and set the clothing of her boyfriend to fire as a revenge of what he has done to her and also to destroy them. The police officers called the fire department to assist in putting the fire out. In the incidence, no one was injured including the three children that were in the house.

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This is the crime where some individuals falsify tings with the intention of deceiving. The forms of forgery range from counterfeiting to the art of forgery. They are all treated as crimes by the law. Forgery becomes a crime if it includes; a representation of handwriting of other individuals and the deed of altering as true and is genuine any writing forged with the knowledge that the same to be gorged with the intention of prejudicing, damaging, and defrauding the person of any kind (Hemraj, 1993).

The case of forgery does not only involve the individual who in real sense creates the instruments that are forged, it also involve the individual who has knowledge that instrument that he is possessing is forged.

The crime can be categorized under the crime against public. The action don’t confirm with the general ideas of the society as normal social behaviors and ethical values. This is because the act involves some forms of lie which is not the moral value that is commonly acceptable standard of what is looked at as wrong or correct.

About 2000 officers of police, soldiers and officers of cadet went to various colleges dealing with religion for a particular number of hours per week. However, the certificates that were awarded indicated a five years diploma study. With the help of these certificates, the officers were able to get pay raise from the state .this certificates were awarded by Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron.

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