Different Personality Theories

Persona is basically the way a group of members of the society perceive other group’s members so that they employ their personal judgments to classify people. For instance, a community perceives someone to be evil-oriented just because they never visit religious institutions or so. Lifeworld personality is a concept that expounds on the globalization of events, traits, thoughts and ideas. It’s evident that today’s technology has taken the center stage to reduce distances existing between individuals: universality persona. Cultural superego refers to intrinsic perception to different realities in the society so that an individual is made a subject that acts towards tolerating other bodies of authority within the same community. An individual is termed as exposed to cultural super-ego when they are mandated to act towards achieving duties that they disapprove so that they are punished whenever laid-down rules and regulations are broken. A good example is when an individual pays tribute to the constitution. Projection (Freud’s ego defense mechanism) is the resultant personality that a person, undergoing the cultural superego, basically experience in a way so as to cope up with sanctions that have been directed towards them so that they either conform to it by raising their super self or rather decide to act against it as in the case of rebels or political prisoners. The collective unconscious is a concept that makes human beings feel whole and complete. It’s an inborn instinct that helps them in connecting with their inner self and it’s assumed that every action portrayed by human beings is as a result of experiences and relations with others, for instance, Christians try to express their behaviors according to the relationship they have with God. Shadow archetype, according to Jung theoretical foundations is primarily based upon animalistic tendencies that human beings possess. It’s reflected when they only thought of surviving and engaging in reproduction activities. For instance, human beings believe that animals are vicious in their way of living and they fail to understand that these animals only do what they do without knowing; in fact sometimes they care for their young ones. Compensation refers to a theory of personality that explained the compensation individuals make towards their respective disabilities or rather limitations. This attitude is determined only by an individual’s perception upon possessing these kinds of disabilities. A good example is the limping Nurmi, who managed to become a famous runner despite the fact that he was evidently disabled. Guiding self-ideal argues that individuals in a particular society are always making sure that they are accountable for their actions irrespective of situations they put themselves in. Style of life is a theory that tries to explain the consistency depicted by an individual’s sense of personality, for instance, a person may decide to depict an outgoing personality until he is either dead or unconscious. Psychosocial moratorium refers to a stage upon which adolescents aspire to be successful within the little span of the period and as much as they wish to be successful they already have failed in their dreams. The person who proved this fact is young Oglala Lakota, who started by dreaming before embarking on the success journey. Ego crisis: intimacy vs. isolation depicts a stage where the young adults of about 20’s embark on finding friends and partners for love and when they fail they turn out to be immoral. A Basic evil depicts an accumulation of harmful factors that a child experienced while growing up, for instance, sodomy of young boys by absurd priests. Ideal self is explained as the urge possessed by human beings to change towards being what they think they should be. The ideal self according to Horney assists the real self in achieving self-actualization. On the other hand, “Tyranny of the shoulds” refers to the compelling need individuals possess so that they are able to do everything and like everybody within their vicinity. The womb envy is the best example whereby men admire the ability of women to carry and give birth to children.

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