Non-US Advertisements


The aim of this paper is to identify 5 adverts outside the U.S., identify the country and the product for each advert, relate the key message in the advert and the advertisement”s appeal and lastly comment on whether the advert can be globally standardized or just adapted for a global audience. The adverts chosen are: Amul milk Olympics, Barber, Child 8, Stamp and Cycle of life.

Name of ad: Amul Milk Olympics

Country: India

The advert is about the run-up to the London Olympics and its shows an Amul girl promoting the game. Basically, the advert is promoting an Indian brand of milk called Amul, which is sponsoring the 2012 London Olympics and promoting it as nature”s original energy drink. Thus it appeals to athletes to build their bodies and minds by using the Amul milk. The advert thus shows that the cream team provided by the Amul milk injects energy into the Indian Olympic team for the soon to be held London Games 201. This advert creates a rather rational appeal and corresponds well to people in India.

Due to the global marketing issues associated with standardization of advertising in differing cultural environments, I think the Amul advert cannot just be adapted but first be standardized before globally using them. This is because Amul milk may be popular in India but not to other countries and adverts and thus could not make sense advertising for a product that is not known outside India hence the need to standardize the advert first (Amul Milk – “Amul Milk Olympics” – Draftfcb+Ulka India, n.d.).

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Name of ad: Barber

Country: South Africa

The advert is about devoted readers of Playboy following on trips to the barbershop. They enjoy the latest issue of the magazine as they get their latest trendy trims at the barber. The advert starts in the 1960s with rock guitar sounds and a large afro but as years roll by, everything changes including music, the barber, the magazine and the hairstyle. Either deliberately or not, the advert shows that there is a difference between men and women when it comes to taste.

The advert is successful in directing the viewer to think about the centerfold over the decades, using humor to try and stay on the right side of taste. Thus it can be termed as a rather creating a sexy appeal to men (Playboy Magazine – “Barber” – Y&R, n.d.).

Name of a: Child 8

Country: Cyprus

This advert features a small kid, apparently refried to as Judy whose parents wanted to get rid of and marry her off at the tender age of 9 years. The kid is singing to a Christian melody assuring the listeners that she loves and serves the living God and Jesus Christ. It urges listeners to listen adopt a child for as less as 20 Euros per month. The advert is an effective way to reach and create an emotional atmosphere especially for caring parents. Parents can be touched due to the fact that some children as young as 9 years are getting married off, instead of continuing with their education. With the message of the advert that as low as 20 Euros can keep the kids, the advert will get some parents thinking.

Although the advert is from Cyprus, it can also be aired in some countries especially those with the culture of marrying the girl child so early in their lives before they can become adults. With global standardization, the advert can be aired in a global audience (Sofia Foundation – “Child 8” – Partners/Y&R, n.d.).

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Name of ad: Stamp

Country: Philippines

This is a health care advert. Saridon is a medical pill that reduces or eliminates persistent headaches and the advert shows how such persistent headaches comes to life in “double headaches” attacking hardworking people hysterically as they continue working hard. The advert shows that the headaches are aggravated by the country”s tough working conditions and as such the headaches need a more powerful remedy: Saridon.

The advert can be easily adapted for a global market as many people (even when they are working) are usually affected by such kind of headaches. This thus creates a rational appeal for consumers of such products (Saridon – “Stamp” – BBDO Guerrero, n.d.).

Name of ad: cycle of life

Country: Australia

The WWF – “Cycle for Life” – Euro RSCG Sydney advert was created to appeal to a healthy lifestyle. The advert shows why people should break their “normal” cycle and keep the cycle of life flowing and eventually end the circle of death in the earth. The advert aims to show us that together we can make our environment sustainable such that it can sustain us also. Different animals are used in the advert to show that we need to protect the environment such that we can enjoy the beautiful scenery not only by vegetation but also by the wild.

I believe that the advert can be globally adapted as many people do lead unhealthy lifestyles all over the globe and thus the ad will come in handy to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I believe this is a good advert for a global audience as issues highlighted in the advert affects each one of us and thus can be aired in a global audience (WWF – “Cycle for Life” – Euro RSCG Sydney, n.d.).

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