Digital Extensions

Word study is a methodology in teaching reading, vocabulary and phonics. It encompasses a lot in terms of orthographic applications of the knowledge in a student’s literacy development. The core purpose of word study is to make it easier for students to be conversant with all the English orthographical layers. It includes critical understanding and relationship between the written language and the audible aspect of it. The layers include alphabet (sound), pattern and meaning. Word study aims at scaffolding various learning experiences and enables mastering and understanding of English orthography.

Pre-assessments (cognitive and non-cognitive measures)

Esort is a new technique in word study approach. It is an electronic platform which provides both an enabling learning experience as well as the social environment for the students. The technology extends an interactive learning experience where the tutor and the children (student) can electronically engage, share and learn. It is an interactive technique that includes multimedia platforms where the student and the tutor are actively involved. The technique is double-edged as it addresses cognitive and the non-cognitive aspects of the English orthography. By employing digital photography, clip arts, sounds and other visual designs in learning helps in enhancing the memorization of English orthography.

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eSort technique focal point

Emma who have difficulty in her progress in words has been used in this study to show that the technique is aimed at strengthening and enhancing learning capacity of English orthography to students who possess difficulty in mastering it. It is a valuable tool for word study in that, it caters for readers or students with poor attitude towards reading and as well as students who had previously being taught how to read but are experiencing difficulties in mastering.

The curriculum lays emphasis on a new paradigm mode of learning through technology and including additional support resources for reading and spelling. My eSort digital extension of word study is a platform for change in attitude towards reading and spelling. It is the results-oriented process, as it equips and engages students in applying their knowledge of the word. The efficacy of using eSort has seen reports of positive attitudes and many students, children and adult alike are mutually motivated. Though, there has not been a conclusive report on the reality on the ground as most of the findings are still on preliminary stages.

State/ District Standards

State Department of Education whose mandate is to ensure high standards of education in all schools across the U.S., all schools are screened by the State Department of Education and a possible red flag from the State Department can erode a community’s confidence in a school. Thus, a case study of Emma, a ten -year old fourth grader who struggles in reading, strategy to boost and enhance their performance on literacy has shown fruit since the results of the strategies were successful and which saw its name salvaged from the brink of the label, “in need of improvement.” This is because there was no improvement in the student’s word learning.

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Learning objectives

After studying Emma it has been sort that word study aims at equipping the students with relevant English orthographic skills and knowledge. eSort technique of word study had two core functions. Firstly, it was designed for students with a poor attitude towards reading, like Emma, for this problem eSort was to cultivate a positive attitude towards literacy. Secondly, eSort was designed for students who had previously been taught spell patterns but were having difficulties mastering them.

Adaptation (Diverse Needs)

Word study main objective is to aid in grasping the close relationship between phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (letters). eSort is multifaceted in its application; it can addresses the needs of English Language Learners (ELL), students with special needs and struggling readers. esSort offers a personalized learning experience to meet every individual’s needs and level. It is interactive, with systematic illustrations for easy grasp on whatever subject matter makes it easier and convenient for all those with difficulty reading and mastering the patterns, and/ or English orthography in general.

The level of weakness in Emma has been clearly brought out in this lesson, the lesson provided an appropriate level of challenge because; the perspectives addressed by this lesson are interactive, critical and responsive. The lesson is interactive as it provides one-one engagement between the tutor and the student. The lesson is critical as it delves deeper into core lines of weaknesses faced by students with difficulties reading and mastering the English language. eSort responses well to the needs and weaknesses of the English learners who struggle to master orthography. The knowledge acquired by the students can be used to hone their English skills or careers such as tutors, translators among many others.

Word progress for Emma went well since word study lesson underscores the crucial understanding and relationship between reading and spelling. eSort approach to word study is a technological solution to those struggling with English. The lesson caters for all every individual with either reading, mastering the language or a perception preventing them from developing a positive attitude towards English. eSort is word study lesson suite full of intuitive, interactive and a guide to English orthography.

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