Letters vs. E-mails

Most of the grandparents prefer letters over the e-mails that the current generation is using to convey their messages and to reach out to those intended to receive the messages. This has come with the diversity and the changing times. This is what has seen the letters off and the e-mails replacing them of which there has been effectiveness. Although this has happened, it has not changed the grandparents to the better since they still prefer the letters over the emails. The current generation has turned to using the computers and has discarded the aspect of paperwork in communication. This has not been just because of rigidity to change but due to supporting the things that they stand for to this day.

The grandparents live in a physical world, a world that the sense of touch and feeling is very much important and not in an invisible world. They do not want to miss the progress of their children through the invisible world. They want to feel the paper which their children have written the letter on. To them, this paper has an attachment to their children, one which the e-mails cannot offer. The letters to them show the progress of their grandkids from the way their handwriting is changing and how the words flow. They have a connection as if the grandparents are touching their grandchildren from the letter.

The letters exist in time and space, not like the emails which can be deleted and not be filed. To the grandparents, letters are very real and can be cherished more than many e-mails which have been sent. The fact is that the internet is used to obtain pictures during special occasions and not always. These are printed and kept in places where they shall be remembered for a long time and one does not need to look for cartridges or the papers. In addition to this, the letters show a greater concern and attachment that one took the time to personalize the conversation and took such an effort which is interpreted to be that they care to share such moments with you alone which for a long time becomes a tangible reminder of this unlike the emails.

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Even though the conversation in the computers is efficient and more convenient, it is frustrating when it bleeps and blurts in a frustrating way that makes them not to understand the conversation. The letters, however, have a way of keeping the memories alive from the time the grandparents read and pass their fingers on the print which is both memorable and satisfying. In addition to this, the letters are better than the internet mails which can be destroyed by just a single click in the wrong place. In other words, one can delete the whole conversation and then the information will be completely altered.

The grandparents want to use their senses and not be just abstract. They have a strong attachment to what they see and feel. They even smell the letters and just feel the warmth of having to be remembered from a distance. For these letters, the grandparents keep them in a place where they can always remember and treasure as well as see at every moment that they are in their homes. Many are the times that grandparents produce many things from the past that they really treasured and could not throw away and this is where these letters fall in. This, however, does not happen with the e-mails which have many constraints and are not tangible for the grandparents to be attached to.

It is, therefore, important for the grandparents to have the letters than the e-mails so that they can have that feeling of attachment, to use their senses of touch, to keep these as treasures and to always feel that the grandchildren are with them even when they are far away. This is because they cannot easily be destroyed and will keep the memories alive and satisfying. Maybe it is something we should pick up too.

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