Managing arts Organizations

Failing to plan is failing to fail. It is instrumental to understand that, entertainment industry calls for total and effective managerial structure. Therefore, am in a position to aver that, The Station, needs to be handled in more sober and professional manner, this is due to the fact that, as a recreational center we are a position of giving back to the community in terms of creating employment to the locals as well as acting as a source of revenue for the government through taxes. Looking at the past managerial policies, May I state that, The Station can be made a better place than it is today, consider the fact that, such areas as catering including public relations (Van Maurik, 90).

Organizational and managerial structures are very crucial in the way any given organization is governed. It is from such a situation that charity organizations are designed to operate. Given the fact that, most entertainment organizations are basically profit-making entities, it should be understood that, due to the nature and the magnitude of their operations, customer service excellence is principally paramount. Therefore, in regard to that observation, I desire to discuss the importance of service excellence within arts Organizations in general, but in particular The Station

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From its inception, The Station was mandated with handling diverse issues regarding the future of leisure and entertainment. From such a scenario, it is prudence to underline the facts that, this organization being independent, have not undertaken exemplary measures to define its mandate in regard to the way it handles its diverse issues (Watkins et al, 73). It should be noted that as an arts organization it has failed to developed strategic measures within a span of years it has been in operation. Some of the customer service issues it has strongly advocated and enhanced in relation to its operations regarding quality assurance have not been effectively addressed.

Therefore, may I state that I desire to address such issues in order to make this place more accommodating and profitable. As is with manufacturing or service industry, quality forms a significant component by which any given organization ought to base its operations. Therefore, as the new manager of The Station, I would strategically channel some of the available resources in enhancing its image and more so the quality of its operations towards our potential customers as well as with the current clients.

Going by the fact that, The Station uses its resources for the advancement of the local entertainment industry. It is apparent that lack of sound management in regard to art affected the leisure industry significantly. And it is by the birth of The Station that the scope of management was introduced. However, due to the managerial and organizational failure, it is important to understand that, new ideas have to be introduced in order to run this organization effectively.

Regarding previous managerial policies, it would be important to have a team that would be accountable in regard to the manner the whole organization is managed. Therefore, am in a position to introduce an office of handling finances, public relations as well as marketing. This is due to the fact that, without proper management this centre is doomed to continue performing poorly in regard to other recreational facilities of its status.

Thus, it is instrumental to realize that, the most appropriate and effective way of dealing with the current crisis is to implement measures that would help us to develop specific diagnostic parameters that would aid in identifying, promoting as well as evaluating the quality of operations within this organization. All in all, it should be noted that, managing any organization dealing with art issues needs extra attention, this can be attributed to the fact that, art is often more sensitive due to its historical and cultural context. Thus to save guard such interest, it should be understood that influencing the operations being offered here in The Station would require sound understanding of how to manage diverse transformations which have to be effected. Thus changing requirements in organization as well as administration have to be given prior consideration.

Principally, this organization does not only need managerial change, but also attitude change but all those who are involved in its daily today operations. This would help in the way we define the path we choose to invest and develop this organization.

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Customer care

In order for this organization to manage its operation effectively, it is paramount that, its administrative section be involved in enhancing positive customer services. This can be linked to the fact that, though they are involved in leisure and entertainment, their contacts and interaction with the diverse communities must be treated in a more humane and professional scope. It is in this regard that, as an art-related organization, its operations should reflect business ethics in order to retain its clientele while building others across all social and economic spheres.

It should be noted that customer service excellence is developed to provide any given organization with a purpose of building a client-focused environment. Therefore, am of opinion that, in regard to The Station, developing customer service excellence procedures would be of great significance, this is due to the fact that, CSE would help in identifying areas that need to be given top consideration such as the areas related to information, delivery of services, timeliness as well as the staff attitude. Professionally, this would help in placing more emphasis on diverse areas that are relevant to the organization campaign in developing concepts of customer insight while understanding other related issues in regard to art organizations across the globe.

Therefore, if the scope of CSE is employed, it is likely that this organization will develop mechanisms of handling clients more professionally. Consider the fact that, CSE acts a fuel that propels organizations towards self-assessment in order for them to create methods of enhancing their operations. Too, CSE acts as a tool by which leisure and entertainment as well cultural organizations allows their staff and the allied teams to participate in areas that would greatly help in enhancing their individual or team skills in regard to customer handling. And this means that new skills of providing effective and reliable services are acquired.

Therefore, the scope of providing CSE in a time like this when the economic situation is ever low, it is paramount to understand that, this reflects on the seriousness of this business, The Station. It is from that realization that, The Station, be designed to the real provision of CSE in order to enhance its image to both domestic and international client. It should be noted that, as leisure related organization, building a culture of quality services is paramount.

According to such observation, I propose that, The Station, be developed on a criterion of focusing on customer importance as well as developing an in-depth understanding of potential customers. And this is would be highlighted in the manner this organization would be handling its customers through consultations which are pivotal in providing information which is later processed to create a viable customer service environment.

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In regard to economic platform, I desire to state that, this organization should be managed towards enhancing on its repute through cooperation with the government as well as other interested parties such as The Architectural Heritage Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, EU, North Yorks County Council, Richmondshire District, Richmond Town Council, in its operations among others. This would mean that value-based management have to be put in place. The purpose of this procedure would be to ascertain that, diverse managerial procedures are embraced in order to make sure this organization is run efficient on the principle of creating value in the services provided. Thus it would be important to understand that, the measures by which this policy would revolve are strongly founded on the fact that, measuring, creating and managing values would be employed in total. The scope of this would be in that, value-based management would aid in the following as Senge et al (100) observed:

  • the organization mission (organization philosophy),
  • the organization strategy (courses of action to achieve corporate mission and purpose),
  • corporate governance (who determines the corporate mission and regulates the activities of the corporation),
  • the organization culture,
  • business communication,
  • organization of the corporation,
  • decision processes and systems,
  • performance management processes and systems, and
  • reward processes and systems,

Therefore, the scope of being reliable and having the will and desire to provide quality services must be propagated. This would determine whether, this organization would be the benchmark by which other organizations would be tested against. Basically, through understanding the essentials of serving the public reliably, this organization needs to acquire the basic principles of navigating through leisure industry. Thus, by employing the principles of CSE as well as the concepts of value-based management, the standard and success of this business would continue to grow while improving their customer care services.

Thus, The Station should show that, CSE is not just but collecting information, it entails even evaluating the collected information and working on it with the solo aim of providing better services. It is such measures that would help this organization to gain popularity, hence making it one of the key leisure and entertainment as well as a historical organization that is well run (Pedler, et al, 66).


With clear and well established measures, The Station should be formulated to accommodate diverse strategies, in regard to its various arms of operations. Am in a position to point that, if this organization is fully managed on the concept of transparency and the appropriate measures be employed. Am certain that, services would be improved and this would result in increased number of customers hence more profit. However, to realize these benefits, it would mean that, specific training be offered to the staff handling various units. This is due to the fact that, more knowledgeable clients are increasing significantly and this means they are after quality services which are not to be compromised (Leadbeater, 188).

The purpose of this is to understand the dire needs of the individual customer. Therefore, this is helping them to plan and serve their clients effectively. More so, it is practical to understand that, this procedure would make this organization, to reach out to the far placed customers as well as identifying how particular clients are fairing. Importantly in regard to this concept of customer identification is that the fact that, it helps in understanding whether the services being offered are effective or no (Anderson 1995). Thus, by employing unique methods of creating approaches towards customers, The Station management would have to develop focus groups as well as customer mapping in order to facilitate their services fairly.

It should be realized that, as leisure related organization, operating effectively is always a challenge due to the big number of clients who are in need of attention. This situation is often escalated by lack of sufficient funds, understaffing poor logistical information (Marquardt, 100). Therefore, in regard to The Station, I have realized that, we have put in place methods of identifying and consulting potential investors and clients who have diverse interests towards this industry. Thus, it would paramount to state that, this organization would only be operated effectively on if corporate managerial policies are enacted and I believe it is possible

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