Managing Knowledge Workers

This are individual or people who are valued for their ability and capability to act and communicate with knowledge equipped in them within a specific subject area. They always advance in the overall understanding of a given subject through focusing on analysis and design or development. Their research skill is used in defining problems and identifying alternatives. They solve problems which later influences companies’ strategies, decisions and priorities.

Importance to an organization and relevance to UAE based organizations

Knowledge workers play a vital role in organizations through varies ways. They give an outline of how an organization should be organized and operated through their skills equipped to the workers of an organization. Skills provided by knowledge worker improve an organization outcome level which leads to an organization achieving its desired goals. Knowledge workers improve an organization productivity which is a measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of the output generated by workers who mainly rely on knowledge, rather than labor, during the production process. They apply their knowledge which helps organizations, to come up with products and services to be used in the next generation.

They help the United Arab Emirate states to improve their economy by depending on the workers’ knowledge in petroleum and natural gas production industries. This, in turn, increases the revenue generated in exporting petroleum and gas products to the outside world increasing the state’s economy. In Dubai, knowledge workers equip other workers with knowledge in motor industries and assembling plants. Export of such commodities to the outside world earns the country revenue resulting to increase in economy.

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Еhe United Arab Emirates states knowledge workers have improved the level of production in the petroleum and gas industries through changing technology used in their production. Technology change has increased the rate which petroleum and gas product is produced in a given span of time. Knowledge workers apply their technological knowledge in the industries they work for thus more production at a given time. Their knowledge is used in finding other petroleum and gas related products across the state’s which increases the state’s production per unit area. It has also led to increased universities which offer knowledge, to its people about the petroleum producing engineers. The knowledgeable engineers input their working knowledge to petroleum industries increasing the output level. Industrial expansion in the United Arab Emirates states brought a bout by knowledge workers through introduction of new machinery which requires advanced knowledge to be operated.

Effects outsourcing have on knowledge workers and how these can be effectively managed

This is the involvement of another knowledge worker [external worker] to a certain business function which was previously performed by another knowledge worker. Outsourcing a knowledge worker leads to access to intellectual property and wider experience and knowledge. Outsourcing of a knowledge worker leads to cost saving thus the overall cost of a service to business lowered. This will involve the reduction in scope, re-pricing, cost re-constructing and defining quality levels. Outsourcing of knowledge workers leads to improvement in quality of a certain service offered because of advancement in knowledge of the outsourced workers. Outsourcing of knowledge workers creates leisure time because individuals may wish to outsource their work in order to optimize their work-leisure balance. Outsourcing may be effectively managed by improving one working knowledge in a certain field, which will prevent outsourcement by another knowledge worker in a certain field.

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Downsizing on the knowledge workers

It is the reduction in number of knowledge workers in an operating payroll which is a temporal approach. Knowledge may later be rehired depending with the companies organizations. Businesses use varies techniques in downsizing its knowledge worker employees by providing an incentive to take an earlier retirement or transfer to other businesses. The most common technique is simply to terminate a number of knowledge workers at one time. Downsizing is usually carried out to minimize the cost incurred through payment of salaries to the knowledge workers. Knowledge workers when downsized for a longer time will end up losing or wasting their knowledge, which could be productive. This can be effectively managed by employing a certain number of knowledge workers at a given time. Amount of work load should be used to determine the number of work knowledge staff required thus prevent downsizing process.

Effects of Growth on knowledge worker and how these can be effectively managed

It refers to the increase in quantity over a given time. This result to the increase in knowledge of a knowledge worker in that, his or her working system, becomes more complex. Growth in a certain sector or field may lead to inefficient knowledge of a worker in the field. Workers will need to attain more knowledge in the field that has experienced growth for effective management in the field. Different fields grow due to a change in technology which is rampantly growing. Ones knowledge may be limited due this change in technology which would drastically affect a given workforce needed thus lowering production. This may be managed by making knowledge workers become aware of the change in technology and adhere to it accordingly.

The relationship between organizational learning and knowledge workers

Organizational learning is an area of knowledge within which an organization studies theories and models of how an organization learns and adapts, while knowledge workers are individuals equipped with knowledge from an organization learning institution in an area of study. They relate in that, to have knowledge in a given field, knowledge from a well-recognized learning organization institution is required. Organization learning plays a key role in the workers knowledge equipping them with required knowledge.

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