Managing Recruitment

Recruitment is an important function of the human resource management. This is because of it has a great impact on the performance of the organization (Haccoun & Saks, 2003. Pg 207). FEGS is an organization that is involved in assisting the youth and extends its services to the entire community. Therefore, it has to be cautious in the type of employees it has. If for instance there is poor recruitment, definitely, it will affect the organization negatively and organizational goals cannot be achieved. Many public service agencies have ineffective hiring strategies. They have laws that inhibit change and management that resist the same. FEGS (Federation Employment Guidance Services) has strategies for hiring which ensure that they employ only qualified applicants. We recognize that recruitment is an investment that must be undertaken with utmost care. Since we value the recruitment exercise, we have the best human resource professionals to conduct all the interviews. The organizations’ procedure begins with receiving applications. These may be through post or online.

The shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview. Qualified personnel perform the interview in an open and honest way. The formats used in these interviews vary depending on the position one is being interviewed for. A candidate who has applied for a managerial position often undergoes more than one interview. If a candidate is successful, he or she receives the letter confirming that you have the job. If we recruit the best, we know that we are going to reap the benefits of our efforts since our employees will carry outstanding performances. They will be involved in the maintenance of efficiency in their operations thus develop the organization. FEGS does not employ inefficient performers. This creates confidence in every employee since each one is exceptional. The FEGS division and youth program has around 200 hundred employees, which include full time and part time staff. The role played by each of these 200 employees is directly pivotal to the success of the organization. This makes the credibility of FEGS to be beyond doubt.

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FEGS also focuses on providing employment to the youth. We have programs that enable the partnership with employers that are willing to take on the youths as interns. Every time we get opportunities from employers, we use the same recruiting programs to select the youths to be given the openings.

Managing performance

At FEGS, we believe that we can measure our performance based on recruitment. How then does the recruitment manager at FEGS analyze performance based on recruitment? Recruitment at FEGS is evaluated based on speed at which positions are filled. The other factors for evaluation include the desired outcome and creating clear ways of tracking these outcomes. This is why it is easier to gauge the performance of the organization based on recruitment. Recruitment is important especially in fine-tuning delivery of the benefits desired.

Performance management (PM) are activities, which ensure that the objectives of an organization are effectively and efficiently met. PM normally focuses not only an individual or a department but also the entire organization (Haccoun & Saks, 2003. Pg 237). It begins with developing a strategy. The strategy should clarify the direction the organizational objectives. Instead of assuming that strategic issues are obvious, at FEGS we clearly spell them out. This creates motivation among the teams and departments to strive to achieve the same. The other aspects are the structure of the organization and the systems created should be modified to be consistent with the strategy.

At FEGS, we develop the skills of individuals or teams that contribute to our performance. We have created strategic and integrated approaches that increase effectiveness and the overall performance of FEGS. One of the methods we use to achieve this is by allowing our employees to integrate their personal goals and the organizational goals. The benefits that accrue due to PM are numerous. Effective delivery of strategic operational objectives, this means that there is a direct connection between using PM and improving the organizational results. Other benefits include operational efficiency, reduced cost of operations, reduced project overruns, the entire organization is focused on achieving the objectives and use less time in making operational changes.

Managing compensation

Compensation refers to remuneration in forms of wage or salaries. It can also be payment in terms of executive compensation, deferred compensation or nationalized compensation (Haccoun & Saks, 2003. Pg 187). Apart from the other significant activities, that the Human Resource department at FEGS is involved in is the compensation of its employees. Compensation is the payment that an employee receives because of his or her contributions to the organization. They include the monetary and the non-monetary benefits. Compensation motivates employees and improves their effectiveness in the organization. In FEGS, the compensation systems designed such that it is consistent with the objectives of the organization.

The factors that are considered include job work and responsibilities. The three systematic components of the compensation system are Job analysis, Pay structure and salary surveys. Job analysis is a systematic analysis of jobs, which leads to the development of job description. Some of the techniques used involve interviews, observation and questionnaire. Pay structure includes the use of grades in rewarding employees. Each grade has a minimum wage or salary. The third component is the salary survey, which is the collection of salary market information. These maybe be the average salaries or cost of living indicators. Since we understand that a good compensation system should not be focused on only attracting or retaining employees, we compensate all employees at FEGS appropriately. After recruiting talented employees, we reward them in relation to their performance and capabilities.

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Employees at FEGS are rewarded for various reasons, which include the desired objectives and the available resources. Compensation is used to maintain morale and satisfaction of the employees. This enables them to remain motivated hence perform at their peak. One of the limiting factors that cause us at FEGS to loose some of our talented employees is lack of funds to retain them. Since we cannot control market factors, we let the employees seeking remuneration above what we can afford to move. An advice that we give to employees when we hire them is that FEGS is a non-profit making organization. Naturally, the employer and the employee should reach a balance regarding the monetary value that should be exchanged in terms. Though many employers freeze salaries of employers to unacceptable levels, we never do that at FEGS. We base compensation on the systematic components. Personnel development

Personal development refers to all activities that add to knowledge, develop talents and potential (Edenborough, 2007. Pg 141). It also involves enhancing human capital and quality of life. The purpose of Personnel development is to achieve maximum utility of employees within an organization. At FEGS, we are involved in planning and implementation of specific training measures. These training sessions promote professional development within the organization. The qualifications of our employees can not only be met but also be planned carefully. The Personnel development programs have the potential of increasing job satisfaction. In all our departments, the training program has ensured that only qualified personnel who meet the required standards are retained.

The Personnel development programs are divided into two, executive development and personal development. Education and training activities at FEGS are organized in close consultation with all stakeholders. These include the superiors, the employees and the HR who administer the training. FEGS is no stranger when it comes to collaborating up with other organizations that share the same interest and goals. It is extremely important for FEGS to keep its respectability along with not losing sight of what is important and that is assisting a community in need. The plan FEGS will keep when working with other agencies is the same as it was in the past and that is finding agencies that truly have the passion and care for our youth’s future. We have therefore developed a program with a team of training experts who move from one organization to another. The benefits are numerous in using this approach. In developing these training programs, we have realized that it is cheaper if we work together and the training personnel are better equipped for their job.


The company has a well-built reputation. It is operating in an ever-changing environment in which not a single company can claim to be on stable ground. Therefore, the opportunities are endless. Communication skills, Leadership skills and Interpersonal skills of the employees can be improved by allowing them to attend short seminars or classes that will impart them with the same. Such courses will enhance their skill viriety. After acquiring such skills, employees should be allowed to perform different tasks (multitasking) using various skills that they have learned. The same skills will be imparted not only to the youths but also to the communities that we desire to empower.It should use its strength by providing training and counseling services. FEGS should extend its services to people with special needs including disabled young people, women searching for jobs and prison inmates on parole. FEGS should also assist these individuals by establishing the Skills Training Division to teach new job skills to white-collar and blue-collar workers.

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The major weakness we suffer at FEGS is lack of finances. The inability to get funding is a great risk since the company needs more finances to keep the growing number of employees it has. The company should therefore change its strategy of searching for funding in order to reverse the weakness. The main source of our finances comes from grants. The grants that we get are irregular which makes it difficult for us to plan for future projects. Financial resources within the organization are also limiting and at times our employees go without basic needs. The scarce financial resources donnot allow us to reward all our employees adequately. A general positive feeling within the organization can be also be created by improving the reward programs. In putting up effort to improve the attitudes of employees, the manegement has realise that it must also use financial resources. Other incentives like allowances and improving the general condition at the workplace will also cause a positive change of attitude. Recommendations

Understanding the attitudes and perceptions of employees enables better management in the organization. If employees in FEGS are treated with respect and their jobs made intresting and fulfilling to motivate them to a higher performance, the organization will easily chieve its objectives. Attitude is simply the mental state of readiness attained through experience thet influences an individuals’ response to all situations. The mindset that one attains due to experience and temparament. It involve the pesonality, beliefs, values, and behaviors of an individual. For illustration, most of the employees at FEGS can change their attitude towards work if motivated, this to a great extent will improve performance. If the work provided generates a bad feeling, which is related to a thought or a belief, it will reduce their performance. For instance at times, our employeees work with unruly youths who lack respect. Some of the youths are drug addicts or drunkards. Such are the times when employees need motivation the most.

On the other hand if employess view have a positive attitude, it will affect every decision and actions that they make. Posivive attitude in the organization can be developed if there will be set goals and objectives in every group and department within FEGS. The setting of goals should not be done by the leaders only but through particiption of each member in the given group. Involvement of employees changes their perception about everything. Each member of the gruop should use his or her decision making skills so that the best decision is obtaned. Participation in the decision making process instils a sense of responsibility in the employees (Edenborough, 2007. Pg 211). There should also be a follow up on the implementation of the decisions made and providing the various groups with the feedback, the management should develop ways of informing the employees how they are performing. These changes will greatly improve the performance of FEGS.


FEGS has the potential to change the perception hence performance of all the workers. The appliccation of the proposed ideas has a great likelihood of accomplishing this. leaders should apply the ideas gradually and should not expect immeduiate results. The results will only be seen after a long period of time. Changing the prevailing attitude in the organization is not easy; changing corporate culture is even much more difficult. The solutions to these problems begins with a changing the attitude of the management in the first place. This should be followed by putting an effort to understand employee behavior. The management should consider various ways of ensuring that all employees are motivated such that they have a positive attitude. A change of attitude will cause them to embrace the change process.

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