Marketing plan


The tutoring center is known as Elite. It is designed to portray a high school setting. Elite tutoring center provides a wide span of academic subjects. The subjects are handled by experienced and qualified professionals (Lewis, 2010). The center is accessible to all high school students regardless of their career choices. Student’s academic performance levels are the least of the center’s concerns. This is because Elite tutoring center’s mandate is to impart knowledge into students’ minds. In addition, the students are allowed to expand or practice what they learned at their schools. Elite tutoring center grades students according to their classes. This allows them to meet other students of the same level thereby sharing ideas and exposure.

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Strategy and plan

Elite tutoring center’s main focus is quality and excellence. It aims at helping he students develop their academic skills. Therefore, it has a functional strategy that facilitates the achievement of this goal. Learning at the center is done in sessions, which are set as private or group tutoring. Private Sessions are for students who require intense assistance. Group sessions are beneficial in that they are economical and make use of the team-based approach. The center offers a variety of past exam papers that helps build the students confidence in handling exams. The papers make the students’ aware of the contents and design of an exam thereby knowing what to expect is a school exam. Elite tutoring center makes use of Systematic Analysis Framework (SAF). This is a strategy that enables students to handle all topics they have encountered in school (Lewis, 2010). It provides students with a means of solving queries. This strategy is result oriented as opposed to tutors whose main aim is to answer their students’ immediate queries. Moreover, the strategy prepares the students with problem-solving skills necessary for future application.


Pricing is a vital factor in any business operation (Armstrong and Kotler, 2011). Elite tutoring center offers price in two categories. Students in high grades are required to pay $150 while those in lower grades pay $100. These charges are for holiday tuition and they are paid upon reporting. The center has many high-grade students who present a great pricing opportunity. Other tutoring centers charge a little bit higher. They are price leaders although Elite’s quality assurance covers the price tags. The center’s main marketing tool is quality and the word of mouth. Students preach good news to their colleagues where those interested joins the center.

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Elite tutoring center has identified high school students as the main target market. Their different grade levels forms the sub-segments. It has established close relationships with professors from various high schools. The professors allow Elite to tailor its tutoring to the schools’ specific course material while offering referrals. The sub-segments are divided into groups that include international students, quantitative students and non-quantitative students. The costs incurred by Elite tutoring center are those of hiring professors and purchasing necessary equipment.

Integrated marketing communication

Marketing communication at Elite tutoring center is done by management, professors and students. Professors offer referrals to their students. The management sets up advertisements, displays posters and talk to parents on students’ behalf. The students give the center’s information to their colleague as they share their experience. Elite officials pay regular visits to guidance offices and introduce their services. Brochures and pamphlets are left in public libraries, local community centers, coffee shops and students’ recreation centers. Generally, the word of mouth is result-oriented. The center’s representatives talk to people they know and convinces them to try its services. People tend to trust information coming from the horse’s mouth.

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