Media Influence

Media influences individuals as well as a society in the manner they change their cultural convention and adopt the media culture. This happens in the subconscious of the media listeners or viewers because they start by associating with the lives of the actors or participants of the media. The most influential media is the television because it is full of actors who resent various cultures in the world. The television viewers get influenced by the behaviors presented in the television and change without realizing that change is taking place. They start by comparing their way of doing things with the target culture in the television. By doing this, they find a lot of flaws in their ways of doing things, which forces them, to assume the television culture which is perfect according to their perceptions. This is because it is a rehearsed way of doing things so as to achieve perfection which attracts the viewers (Power Engines, 2011).

The HMI is the human-machine interface which helps us to act as a portal for exchange of information. Data is formatted after gathering, prioritized and later presented to humans. Human beings are able to observe, analyze, interpret and then respond or act on the date presented to them.

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Vision is influenced during the point the person observes. This tells us the intent at which the information attracts the individual. Hearing process is also what draws the person to looking at the data or information from the media. Hearing contributes to vision because if the information is appealing to the hearing organs, one is attracted to look so that he gets informed. This attraction is the motivation that drives someone into looking at what is presented on the television. The content is also motivating if the images are nice to look at. The cognitive is also appealed to process the information whereby one decides if it is the best culture to adopt. This is guided by using the cognitive because if one does not involve his or her mind, he ends up wasting his time looking at the medium of information. People are not provided with the whole information to attend to conclude the partial information they receive in their personal perspective. The goals that people have towards certain information is what drives them to achieving whatever they want in the information made available to them (Power Engines, 2011).

By observing the assorted media, we chose our media in relation to which suits our cognitive. This is a result of motivation from the information we see presented in the media. Associating ourselves with the information made available to us makes us behave in the manner the media information behaves. Media is used when people are relaxing and, this allows the opportune moment to absorb various impacts from the media influence. Many people do no not realize that they are being influenced by the media but, the results of their behaviors dictate that they have been influenced (Power Engines, 2011).

When watching the television program which best interests the viewers there are motivational responses, which are inseparable, with the cognition and emotions. One gets carried away by the information at hand and without knowing or in his or her subconscious starts to behave in the direction that is in the television. In that way, media become an influence to the standards of character in the society. People are the various traits of the people in media who are their role models and start behaving like them. This causes commotion in their lives because they cease from who they used to be and assume a different personality in the society (Cutting, Delong & Nothelfer, 2010).

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What inclines the people into being affected by the media is the images and sound. There are some people or actors who talk in the manner that appeals to our senses and others that dress in a code that we would like. There are the representational symbols that direct us into behaving a given direction. People do not know how to restrict themselves from being influenced by the media because it is beyond their ability to do so. They often find themselves gullible to anything that comes on the media. Human beings find it difficult to restrict them from being against the media influence. They act as if they know all that takes place in the media. Association with all that takes place in the media. The HMI optimizes the machine and human factors by creating a balance where people take advantage of technologies and the interface effect in the human beings. Safety, workability and clear understanding of the content displayed on the media is what leads people into getting influenced by the media (Cutting, Delong & Nothelfer, 2010). It is difficult to act against this influence because people choose what to follow in the media and what not to follow. The time we allocate to watching the television the one that determines what we get from the media. If we do not follow the programs, we save energy because we not update all that is present in our lives but save it for the future. If we commit no time to the television, we end remaining as we were there before hence no change in our lives (Power Engines, 2011).

The television image that presents evil as right needs to be revise because the formative stages of the young ones are affected in the manner the images are presented on the television. The interaction between the human beings and the media is fortified by the time that is dedicated to the television watching (Power Engines, 2011).

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