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Racism at the workplace is considered to be one of the greatest challenges faced by various organizations in the United States. It is, however, important to note here that is not just limited to the United States of America, but it is rampant around the world. The article paints a true picture of what happens in many organizations. Many people are silently being made victims of racial segregation at workplaces. The article points out that the firing of Pearson as the police chief in Jasper County is a true indicator of how certain actions may be controversial in as far as racial segregation is concerned (Fernandez, 2012). When it comes to racism, it is not enough to think that it always involves people being denied their rightful opportunity based on their skin color. It also involves the tendency of people to give out opportunities on a color basis, thereby denying other people that may have higher qualifications for the job.

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Another aspect of racism, of which many people have become victims, includes the tendency to interpret any unfavorable decision as one based on one’s color. It is not uncommon for people who are not qualified for a given job or task and are denied a given opportunity on the basis of their capability to claim to have been segregated racially. This is a common problem that many departments in the United States face. There is a need for people to understand when professionalism is in play and when racial favors are being applied. The article does not come out clearly on Pearson’s competence in as far as his performance record is concerned. In fact, it brings a new perspective on how Pearson was hired. The situation is portrayed to occur due to many complex processes, or perceived processes, that border on racism. It is stated by other whites that, in fact, the employment of Pearson was a result of racial consideration.

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According to Samovar, McDaniel, and Porter (2010), racism refers to denying a given race the basic equality of mankind. It involves one race manifesting or attempting to manifest superiority over another in many aspects, which may include social activities or can be witnessed at the workplace. The article paints a true picture of what happens within the community under the disguise of traditions. When a council upholds a policy that demands whites to be buried separately from the blacks, it is a true indicator of how deeply racism is rooted in people. In a society that pretends to uphold equality, the rampant cases of non-whites being harassed and discriminated are intolerable (Samovar, 2010).

The society has an awkward position of victimizing people basing on the genetic makeup of an individual. The inherent failure to appreciate the ability of a person basing on what he/she does is what makes the society lag behind. If racism would have been a form of discrimination based on a person’s inability or incompetence, then it would have attracted some support. As Martin Luther King once put it, sometimes it becomes necessary to judge people, not on the basis of their skin, but by what they stand for in as far as their character is concerned. Violence related to racism has seen many capable people killed by the incapable. This does not result in economic development, but instead it fuels animosity.

The use of terms like race may not be stopped in order to stop the cases of violence. It is, in fact, expected of the society to appreciate the differences people have and see each other beyond the skin color. As Rowe (2005) argues in his book, the term “race” should remain relevant for use in other fields that benefit humanity such as science. Lay persons and scientists are known to be groups of people that appreciate the variety in nature, and the term race may be modified to exist in the guise of another name (Rowe, 2005).

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It is reported that the mayor had preferred another candidate for the position Mr. Pearson had been holding. The person is said to have been white, but the appointing authority consisted of a majority black who are believed to have favored the appointment of a fellow black to become the police chief. This can be interpreted as an action aimed at retaliating against the discrimination the blacks in the regions had been facing. Pearson may not have been appointed to the position basing on his competence but on color. With this view, one would be justified to have him/her removed from the office and his/her responsibilities should have been taken by another person regardless of his/her origin.

There is a clear manifestation of institutional racism. In this kind of racism, a large organization that has a great influence fails to uphold measures that promote unity across all types of races. The police force in this case, for example, constitutes a large organization that has been corrupted by racist thinking. This is not just a manifestation of how such an organization carries out its appointments, but how it serves the greater population in the community. The police force in the United States on many occasions has been accused of discriminating or brutalizing the black community. This then is expected to be echoed within the organization. Institutional racism is hard to get away unless there is the strict adoption of policies that affect the disadvantaged race or community. This can be achieved through the use of affirmative action in employment or any other sector that affects a greater part of the population.

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