Organizational Development and Change

Since different organizations have some components that guide them. The five key components in an organization, especially with different approaches, are development of power, participation and membership, meaningful impact of organizing work, organizational capacity and management and ongoing reflection and innovation which .

When it comes to development of power, it’s the most challenging core component to evaluate and it is because of this reason the organization tries its best to gain access to politicians, ways of tackling some issues in the organization, ensuring the organization is recognized properly and in a positive way and many more. For this to be succeeded, the organization has to come up with better strategies and success in developing its power.

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Participation and membership is the key component to making the organization to achieve its intended goals. Participation in decision making sets the organization the better strategies and tactics to achieve the goals and policies needed (Alliance for Justice, par 4). To facilitate all that, then there is need for training of its members to have a common goal.

When it comes to the meaning of the impact, the organization needs to know the kind of impact the organization is likely to cause to the community or society or any other particular issue. The organization needs to focus on the positive impact of the organization is likely to face in terms of benefiting to the surrounding.

Managing and organizing the organization correctively will make it last longer in serving the community. All this happens under the organizational capacity and management. Better focus on staff and board members on analyzing the problems that are facing the organization and the use of analysis to sharpen the objectives of the organization will help the organization to prosper in its missions and visions. And finally on the core key component is the ongoing reflection and innovation, here, adaptations and implementation, of the organizational strategies and tactics will lead to the success of the organization.

Some of the theories that are needed in an organization are such as the classical theory, neoclassical theory, beaurcratic theory, systems theory and the contingency theory. In the classical theory, it marks the beginning of the systematic study of the organization whereby the kind of departments have to be established, the management team and the employees who are viewed to be the core of the organization success even though this theory is viewed not to consider the kind of influence or impact it will have towards the environment other than focusing on the structures, processes and the principles of the organization.

Neoclassical theory is known to relate well with the humanity as part of good management and that is why it is known in another name as human relations theory. Here, human beings behavior was to be predicted according to the social and psychological factors at work or in the organization. In case of conflict, reconciliation was encouraged even though this theory is considered to lack the unified approach.

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Another theory that has been used in the organizational management is the bureaucratic theory which it is known to involve itself in corruption scandals of which it involves so many partners for it to succeed and it is being applied in most of the organizations of late. Here, authoritative powers are used by the top management. However, situational theory or contingency theory is also used to focus on the external organizations or sources which are used to assist in determining the organizational structure and behavior. It gives an opportunity to the outside community to contribute to the progress of the organization.

With all the theories mentioned above, it is quite clear that neoclassical theory is the best to be applied in any organization. This is because of its free interactions with the community and the workers. Through this, the organization is capable of receiving the views that will enable an organization to prosper beating up the other competitors (Venkataramanan, Par 8). The objectives, goals, missions and visions of the organization can be achieved since there is that motivation among the workers and the community at large due to their involvement.

For the organization to succeed, some components and theories need to be followed but with keenness. And this is what has been applied before in our organization. The adaptation of the change in an organization has been achieved due to the management accepting and being in know-how about the latest changes being involved in terms of innovation in technology, competition. By this, the organization has managed to prosper by far beating the other competitors in the neighborhood and making it to be accepted by the community. With such kind of motivation within and without, any changes that come on the way, the organization immediately tries to adapt to them never remaining behind (Hauser, par 7). With the help of the change agents, the organization has known the importance of change.

With the future, the organization is prepared to accept the global warming changes, the change when it comes to the economy and the high rise in the innovation the technology. This are apart of the things if not well observed can make the organization collapse.

To improve the organizational future prospects, the organization is planning to use the neoclassical theory and reconsider the use of classical theory. Reasons for using both theory is because one of them consider the human involvement which means the employee involvement in decision making and the use of classical theory which allows the outsiders which are the community to express their needs and what concerns them as an organization. With both applied, the organization can involve itself in competition hence achieving the set goals.

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