Pastoral Counseling

The role and ethical expectations of a pastoral counselor Pastoral counseling is a counseling in which psychologists are training. The priests ministers, Rabbis and imam’s, in the pastorals field of study are psychologists because they do undergo this training. One role of the pastoral counseling is to integrate the modern way of living and the traditional religious methods that deal with issues like spiritualistic, in addition, to counseling services.

Pastoral counseling is different from other types of counseling as it deals with the pastoral relationship. These counselors are the central key image of life and how the living gives the meaning in different religious communities. The pastoral counseling gives relationship to comprehend the way of life toward faith in the pastoral walk toward all the believers (Buice, 1987). Psychological and theoretical resources are the two practices that pastoral counseling uses. In recent years, the theology and mental growth have drastically grown. Special training programs have been developing, to facilitate the way people relate between the religious professionals and the medically qualified professionals, to treat issues that have brought mental addiction to the society today.

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Pastoral counseling roles

Spirituality is the key role that is restoring many individuals when they are drowning to the current standards of the world modernity. Most pastoral counselors deal in mind, body and how to make a healthy Christian life (Paul, 2005). Since pastoral counselors are not only theoretically trained, but they also involve in psychotherapy techniques that they use in addressing their clients when dealing with psychological issues (Hunter, 2005). They rely more on prayers as one form of mediating techniques which bring the biblical insight into a problem-solving.

Challenges of a pastoral counselor

There are causes that are making pastoral counseling a challenge, e.g. when there is an expectation of healing that is waiting to take place and it fails to happen immediately. This causes a crisis of faith for many people if it fails to pass in time. In case the pastoral counselor; uses the word of God and prayers, and no healing the clients are witnessing, then the clients might doubt the faith of the counselor. Pastoral counselors also face the challenges of clients not sharing all their issues since they sometimes feel uncomfortable, this happens when the clients feel guilty or rather ends up fearing to be condemned.

Ethical expectations of a pastoral counselor

Ethical expectation of the pastoral counselors is the level of integrity in their calling. They seek to promote clarity, accuracy, honesty and truthfulness in their teaching. In this case, pastoral counselors do not steal, cheat or do deliberate fast misinterpretation. They keep promises and avoid unnecessary commitments. Pastoral counselors consider facts when there is the importance for, the likely consequences of, and keen care to gather any arising mistrust from any form of deceptive techniques. The pastoral counselors do recognize that justice is right for all people to get any benefit in their life in order to bring equality to all in the process, code of conducts encounters the pastoral counselors. They exercise sensible judgment and take measures to ensure that their capability, biases to the extreme boundaries of competence as their expertise do not condone practices that are injustice (Hunter, 2005).

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Dignity and worthiness of all people by all the pastoral counselors is a continuing process and keeps rights of all individuals a secret, confidentiality and self-determination. Most clients demand that all the information given to the pastoral counselors to be known by them and the counselor without including a third party individual (Wicks, 1985). There is also an unusually high need for these pastoral counselors to value, and respect all people disregard of the races or whichever country they are consulting to get help from in the world. The cultural, individuality and the role differences including gender bias, age, identity, ethnicity, social economic status, linkage is the main key to deal with when dealing with such people.

The pastoral counselors try to remove the negativity from their work of biases that had bases on those given factors, and that they never involve themselves in prejudice activities. The counselors determination to make those with whom they work for and take care not to be in harm, if there is any problem with the clients, then the counselors get involving to make the matter not to be worse in order to eliminate regrets in later days.

In work-related activities, pastoral counselors do not involve themselves in discriminations that are unfair and are on the bases of age, gender, education, race, culture, national origination, social economic status or any other basis that the law provides. Reasonable steps have been eliminating harms from clients and others that they work together with and minimize the harm from the ground where could not be seen. Counselors make efforts that make facilitation of services easier in case illness, death, unavailability, relocation or any form of financial problems comes in their work. Minimizing intrusions on privacy, counselors include oral reports written to the consultations only for the information that on which communication is proving to understanding (Augsburger, 1989). The confidential information obtained in their work set aside for professional purposes in which the personnel whose matter is dealing with.

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In conclusion, pastoral counselors raise relations of trust with whom they work. They know their professional work they need to deliver to the society and to the people they do work for, they hold professionalism of conduct to clarify their roles in managing conflicts, in the interests where the client need the counselor to intervene. The pastoral counselors merge with the other professionals in order to: enable serving the community in a form that can be able to share ideas or rather share the number of issues that may need their support.


Pastoral counseling is a festive way of psychotherapy which deals with spiritual sources, as well as understanding psychological growth and healing. In broader terms, pastoral counselor is a mental health professional that have had in-depth religious training. Pastoral counseling is different from that of psychologists, psychiatrists or secular counselor.

Though each one helps people, pastoral counselor deals with solving mental problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety, physical or mental-emotional.

Pastoral counseling goes beyond the level of encouragement a religious community can give, by giving sound mind views in the religious and spiritual perspectives. There is a high demand on this professional because of the current situations in the world (Abbott, 2005). Most people are undergoing hard times and need someone to at least intervene in order to share with them what is disturbing them.

The society is indeed lotte, and the people in terms of drug addiction are messing up, the pastoral counselors are engaging by going through to places where drugs have drown the majority and need to be restored. Issues in the marital concepts among the old and the young has become a threat to be addressed in a wider way because they are also high rates of married individuals that are divorcing daily, the people are now going through some training prepared by the pastors so that they can be able to hold and understand the weakness of the other.

In conclusion, the pastoral counselors are determining in ensuring that no one fails to change when they are helping the society. Thousands of young ruined people have come to realize who they are by willing to take the challenge to others by doing everything different than before.

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