The Theory of Evolution and Religion

It is clear that more than a century since the theory of evolution was published people around the world are still fighting it. As a result, this essay aims at critically evaluate the theory of evolution relevance explaining the origin of species. This will aid the essay to contrast and relate the theory with religion consequently delineating the theory of evolution theological implications.

In his theory Charles Darwin asserted that all living beings on earth came by means of natural successive selection that remained unbroken. This successive progression of living things is known as Darwinian Progression. It is characterized by different reproduction and continued survival of species on earth through natural selection in which only perfectly adapted species survived and progressed. Charles Darwin, in his theory, attempted to persuade his readers that the Theory of Evolution was the only logical explanation for the existence of the many species of living organisms on earth. He stated that life was related to all organisms. These organisms descended from a common ancestor, but through natural selection and adaptability capabilities of these organisms, different species emerged (Darwin 212). He stated that life was constantly a paranormal of brutal antagonism characterized by constant changes that resulted in the survival of the most resilient organisms. Charles Darwin’s also attempted to bring his Theory of Evolution closer to religion by stating that the original life embedded in the Cambrian system was first created by God. He related this to the simplistic laws of gravity. He noted that religion vehemently advocated for the belief that each species on earth was created independently. This contrasted greatly to his Theory of Evolution. He attempted to resolve this conflict by citing the tendency of religious conservatism to attack scientific discoveries. He cited Leibnitz attack on the discovery of the law of gravity. Leibnitz believed that it rebelled against established religious fundamentals.

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The dominant mode of this essay is to look outward and identify the theory of evolution theological implications. This is because Charles Darwin’s writings were reputable and he became central to debates in many facets of the society. His writings also raised the issue of the roles of science in the society. Charles Darwin’s writings garnered knowledge that accurately explained the causes of diversity on earth. As a result, his findings became a dominant mode that other forms of science inquired on. However, the rebellion against the Theory of Evolution has continued to reverberate in the society despite Charles Darwin’s attempts to reconcile it with religion. This is attributed to Charles Darwin’s opinion of life. This opinion contrasts to religious dogma that states God is caring. Opponents of this theory have also cited that it could be used to justify some of the heinous social and political crimes perpetrated in the society.

It is clear that the Theory of Evolution has caused dissents in the society. Its implications on religion have been debated by scientists and religious scholars. This has easy marked out a number of premises used in speculating the relationship between evolution and religion. However, it is clear that despite positions taken by the society on the Theory of Evolution, it is the only logical theory in science that explains the origin of species on earth. Its syntheses did not invalidate religion as most people speculate. On the contrary, its inventor Charles Darwin identified the importance of religious myths as allegories, but he noted that they needed scientific evidence to explain the origin of species on earth.

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