Pettiness, Jealousy and Selfishness


Many people worry about their immediate surroundings, where they live. The society requires that people think and treat others the same way they treat themselves. However, the society does not practice what it requires people to do. The experiences that people get especially the young ones teaches them to think of themselves not considering others and what they think of their actions. This forms the reason why many people spent their lives doing things that benefit them, being jealous of other people and entangling themselves in petty issues. This paper looks at pettiness, jealousy and selfishness as issues that abound in our daily interactions with our peers.


Pettiness, selfishness and jealousy as we carry on with our various duties, in school workplaces and other places when we interact with each other. Many people cannot get along with their neighbors; especially those who have succeed in life more than they do. Jealousy comes because of the inadequacy. People try to blame others for the problems they face. For instance, neighbors may have children learning in the same school and grade. However, one child could achieve more than the other could academically. The parent of the child who does well, in school will become happy because of the performance of the child. However, the other parent will feel bad become jealous of the other parent. He may come up with reasons to justify his child`s failure. He may say that the school favors the child or the child engages in ill examination practices (Nadell, Langan and Comodromos 172).

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When people become excessively jealous, they forget that they cannot do anything about the issues making them feel that way, for instance the success of other people. Instead of trying to find ways of making themselves successful in life, they spent their time investigating petty issues. Sometimes jealousy makes people engage in actions that make them regret. For instance, a woman in India had not given birth to a single child, five years in to marriage. However, her sister had one child after one year, in marriage. Because of jealousy, the woman decided to kill the child of her sister. She could not imagine her younger sister having a baby before she could. This action led to her life imprisonment because of her actions.

Sometime we participate in petty actions. For instance, in the modern world where many people own cars, we find people arguing over parking spaces. Sometimes we get other people parking their vehicles the wrong way just because they do not want to follow simple guidelines or they want to make sure that someone does not get a parking space near their vehicle. This issues result to problems. Sometimes people engage in fights without concrete reason. When we walk in streets where people move fast because of their busy schedules, people step on the foot of other people accidentally. However, sometimes the other party fails to understand that it happened accidentally and decide to abuse the other person and even beat them up (Nadell, Langan and Comodromos 172).

We encounter selfishness everywhere in our daily lives. For instance, many people have food in plenty, while others sleep hungry because of lack of food. Sometimes, people who have no food come to seek for assistance, but instead of helping them, most people chase them away confident they are not entitled to help them The issue does not involve responsibility. It involves help. This is the simplest form of selfishness people display.


The above examples show that jealousy, pettiness and selfishness thrive in our daily interactions with each other. Sometimes, these issues create problems for us, because we fail to act with reason and careful thought.

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