Problems of Religious Diversity

In response to survey question #1-3: “The home religion shapes attitudes towards religious others”, I would say that it quite true because the foundation of a child’s education starts at home and this includes your religion. You can’t be a believer of Islam when you were born with Christian parents. It is hard to break from a tradition much more a religion especially if you have conservative family who are very religious.

Diverse opinions about religion usually occur when you grown up and when your mind starts to question yourself about the ways of others religion based on your observation in your surroundings. If you’re a religious person, the response you have in other religion is stronger because you will have the tendency to compare your practices to their own practices and this is where the problems of religious diversity crops up. You can hear debates on the television and on some public places of those religious men who have their lectures who spread the “good news” that their own religion is better and they despise yours. What will be your reaction?

Griffith asserted that “God has a universal salvific will” This simply means that God’s love is not only among His own followers but also those who believed in Salvation. Even the Christians have their own interpretation of the Bible and that’s the reason why many sects flourish based on how they interpret the Bible. There is a quotation from a Christian song with lyrics that goes this way: “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, brown and yellow black and white… Jesus loves them all alike. Jesus loves the little children of the world!”

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This is really true because it was written in the Old Testament of the Bible in Genesis 1:1 which says: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth”. Even the non-Christians know the story of Adam and Eve and their sons Abel and Cain. Therefore it meant that everything on Earth is God’s creation and that includes mankind. So how can others not be saved when in fact, they are His creations? Even the Bible itself had stories of religious diversities hence “Holy War” existed. Indeed, it is our religion that separates the nation.

In # 4-5: Griffith defines religion as: “A form of life that seems to those who inhabit it to be comprehensive, incapable of abandonment and of central importance.” This means that to have a religion makes a man complete and that it gives you a sense of belonging and a “shelter” to protect you. Christian or non-Christian, it is always nice to know that there is a roof (your religion) over your head. If you take it in simple layman’s term if you don’t belong to any religion, who will pray for you? This is just a simple logic. Next question is: Are you saved? The church will automatically tell you to repent of your sins for the repose of your soul before it’s too late. Will you ascend to Heaven?

Even in Christian sects, there is already an argument on how repentance is made through your confession. The Catholic way is that you go to your priest to confess your sins while the Protestants take the bread and drink the wine then make their confessions direct to God. The religious diversion discussed here is only between two religions notwithstanding other religions. Problems on religious diversities are never-ending process.

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