Rhetorical Analysis

Basically, the author of this passage seems to be have been touched by the plight and more so the future of Asian Americans in as far as American education was concerned. It paramount to aver that, sympathetically, he seems to draw conclusions that, Asian Americans or rather the American education system seems to be biased towards some disciplines. For instance, as he observed, few Asian Americans were enrolled or admitted into creative writing courses. In the passage, the author begins by referring to his mothers as well as the achievement tests, which he seems to be against. This can be linked to his argument that, most Asian American students are typically known to do better in maths and science related subjects than in languages and in particular English language. Also, another challenge that seems to bother the writer is the fact that, more Chinese students are enrolled in engineering courses.

From such a point it becomes apparent that the author is ethically conscious in regard to nature by which Asian American are engaged in academic fields. This is typical, reflected where he states that as the writer, he more often has been confronted with the question of why there are few Asian presented in American literature. It is instrumental to understand that, as a writer, he has a moral authority to question such an issue which seems to be impacting negatively on the future of Asian American history which ought to be examined.

Throughout this passage, the author articulation of Asian American, which he seems to belong, indicates that, this ethnic community is being sidelined in regard to building their history. In principal, he is aesthetically concerned with manner by which Asian American students are treated by their tutors in regard to undertaking English courses where he places a claim that, teachers do steer Asian American students away from undertaking creative writing courses and he is a casualty of this system.

Using a simple but lucid language, the author is generally concerned. With is due to the fact that, most Asian America have poor language standards which he describes to be broken when spoken at home. Though, the author does not want to admit the fact that, Asian Americans do not perform better in English due to the influence of their teachers. But using ironies he set the record straight where he agrees that a significant ratio of Asia American students do achieve better grades in other subjects besides maths, but in reality, fail in English which forms the core foundation of American studies.

Therefore, the way the author has painted the whole picture in regard to this passage, it can be said that the effect of his opinion could be disastrous. This can be linked to the fact that, the concerned students may feel sidelined or discriminated against. Therefore, the principal ideas behind this passage maybe was to shed light as to why there are so many Asian American students as well as Chinese in courses that heavily rely on mathematics.

Reflecting on the principals of cause and effect, this passage can be said to have managed to delivers the intended message. Looking at the fact that, the author himself is a product of a system that- seems to steer, Asian American away from creative writing courses, which could significantly help in improving the language of this given community. In reality, the author can be said to be unhappy towards this system of discriminating. Therefore, though, the Asian American studies seems to be the main concern of the author, it is paramount to understand that, better education means a better future for any given community, they have a right to be enrolled to the courses of their choice as individuals( Arunga 55).

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