Role and Presentation

Novels written in the 19th Century were predominantly engaging and the manner in which their author’s roles and presentation styles brought out the events, beliefs, state of affairs, and attitudes towards different ideas and people during their time. Through having a clear understanding of these novels and the manner of some of the characters within the text has been treated both positively and negatively. This thesis aims at bringing out the role of the two novels in representation and exploration of social and cultural change, flexibility of the genre and the aesthetic, stylistic and structural development of the novel. It is therefore vital to understand the two novels through the current critical approaches. Both the two novels focus on bringing out the clear understanding concerning the rights of women in the society (Dracula, 1897).

Since the book is constructed of various articles, we find that in the first part of the book we witness the problematic construction of female identity. The role of “other” in the book is brought out clearly in “The woman in white and The Portrait of a Lady” where the book focuses on Madame Bovary. A central position is created in “Woman in White” as we see it allowing for an interrogation concerning realistic methods and effects through means of subversive and extremely popular genre of sensationalism. We also find that it confronts the creation of both James and Flaubert.

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The second part of the novel addresses or rather leads us through a thorough investigation of the prospects as a result of the turning down the tradition of “three-decker” formation of novels during this period. The general role that has been played by those that are referred to as “other” in the novels is to clearly bring out understanding concerning the profound moral uncertainties as presented as the novel of Dracula approaches the end. Also, the above aspect is also evident towards the end of the novels of “Awakening and Heart of Darkness.”

In the study of these two novels from European, English and American tradition we address such issues presented by the authors of the two novels as the increasing self- consciousness of the novelists. It is also addresses the issue of the changing nature of relationship between the work of “other”, reader and the author of the novel.

In the novel Dracula we find that it very apparent that it revolves around the restraint of women and they are belittled. The novel thus depicts the Victorian society perception that women are supposed to be constricted to very narrow gender roles. The role of women in the society is represented through two of Dracula’s main characters; Lucy and Mina. These women and basically feminine and solely depends on their husbands but each with single exception. Mina is serving the duties that are considered to for a man since she is a secretary for the “Children of Light” whereas Lucy is had three suitors symptomatic of desire to break social confines and that of subtle promiscuity. Besides the above two facts, both women were essentially embodiment of real woman (Dracula, 1897).

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“She is one of God’s women, fashioned by His own hand to show us, men and other women, that there is a heaven where we can enter, and that its light can be here on earth. So true, so sweet, so noble, so little an egoist…” [Stoker, Ch14. Sept. 26]

Both books address the theft of a woman’s identity by the male counterpart. Dracula is filled with fear that Mina might lose her human. The plot behind Mina is aimed at ensuring that her identity is exchanged for a mad woman to allow her villain husband to gain inheritance of her wife (Dracula, 1897). In accordance to the structure of the two books are analogous but one fascinating idea in the book is that they both have narrative strategy since they are presented in series of documents.

Just like Dracula “Awakening” is also full of symbolism. The narrative strategy has been employed in the book of “Awakening” in a fabulous and complex manner. The role depicted by the author is sacrificing of narrative omniscience and control aimed at creating the sense of suspense (Chopin, 2000). In the novel of “Awakening” the author presents himself with a complex plot of his novel. The Awakening gives a picture of a woman who is married just like in the Dracula but in this case, the married woman awakens of her real feelings.

The woman in Awakening can only be compared to Mina in Dracula because both are capable of achieving their dreams even though they are faced with immoral lust and storm binding obviousness. This is accomplished when Edna breaks the rule of law within the society that dictated the best attire for women and that makes be free. The clothing talked about in the novel symbolizes the constraints of social behavior in Victorian society (Chopin, 2000).

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Kate Chopin’s novel is full of allegory of existentialism as we see Edna undergoing a radical change in her life by experiencing the psychological depth of work. We also realize that Edna’s problems are caused by oral conflict but it is clear that the idea is an allegory of existentialism. Finally, the wings of Edna seem to be weak and she has swum so far that he is not capable of returning to the white beach (Chopin, 2000).

She swam “were no female had swum before.”, and she never made it back to the land. “A bird with a broken wing was beating the air above, reeling, fluttering, circling disabled down, down to the water.”

Both the novels address issues that are of contemporary concern since Dracula is filled with fears that can grow weaker blood attack from Europe and the current state of a new woman. Nonetheless, both the novels have attempted to lift the veil of ideologies that are considered to be modern. They also bestow us glimpses of other way of thinking as well as human feelings. Both novels highlight on the rights of women as the male counterparts try to deter them from to accomplish various goals in life (Pedlar, 2001).

In both the two novel there are various roles played by each character. For instance, Mina and Edna represented the role of women in a society that is dominated by their female counterparts. We see both women fighting for the rights of women in the Victorian society. In the Victorian society men dictate whatever their wives have to do. They even go as far as deciding on the clothes that women should wear and this is portrayed through the main character in the novel of “Awakening” (Sue, 2001).

To sum, it is evident that in both novels the turn of events are organized well through the characters as they focus on the on rooting out some of the perceptions that have been left for men alone. Both authors have not centered their thought on the need to ensure that the presence and roles of women in Victorian society. In both the novels, there are two women characters that portray the same characteristics and for that reason they play the same roles as well. In both two novels there is the aspect of allegory that has been created through the two women.

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