Simiralities and Differencies the Colonies

England renovated itself and developed colonies with reasons. People came to England to fulfill religious desires which could only be established here. The main aim was to start a new religion and spread a new religion apart from the traditional Church of England. Additionally, they were looking for greener pastures where they could get more sources of money. Spreading power was also among their priorities. By the time, English people lost their Identity and become American when they get to the new world and live there.

There were three types of colonies enterprises: royal, proprietary, and company. Each type of colony had its own characteristics. First type, Royal colonies were owned by the king, such as Virginia; founded by The London Company to gain wealth and convert the natives to Christianity. Other Royal colony was New York, Founded by Duke of York and the purpose for founding this colony was when the Duke of York received control of New Netherland. Then, the name of the colony was changed to New York in honor of the Duke. Second type, Proprietary colonies were owned by person, such as Pennsylvania which founded by William Penn. He founded Pennsylvania with a land grant for his deceased Father. He wanted to develop a colony that provided for freedom of religion because to his intentions of protecting himself and the fellow Quakers from being persecuted. Another example of a proprietary colony was Maryland. Cecil Calvert who was the founder of this colony and what motivated him to found this colony was the desire for profit and to create a refuge for Roman Catholics. Third type, the company colonies were granted by the king, but they actually governed them self, such as Massachusetts; Founded by the Puritans and the Motivation for founding this colony was Puritans. They fled from England and decided to find refuge in America where they could create a home for themselves in the Massachusetts Colony. Another example of a company colony was Connecticut, founded by Thomas Hooker and a group of Massachusetts colonists. They established this colony because they were looking for more freedom and financial opportunities.

The Northern and Southern colonies had many differences and similarities. Those contrasts and comparisons can be revealed through three main characteristics: political, economic and social. Politically, the South and North had variations on who held the surplus power in the society. In the Northern part, churches controlled laws. However, in the South, land boss were the richest and they controlled the laws. Based on the economic status, the North had more raw materials for trade than the South, but the South had large plantations. The major trade in the North was lumber and the cotton crop was the main trade in the Southern colonies. The cotton crop was so important to the Southern colonies. The most common between the north as well as the south was the language which is English.

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In the North, they supported the utilization of indentured slaves (white poor people from Europe who worked to repay their debt for land merchants for a period of about seven years. In contrast the south; they supported the utilization of servants after Bacon’s rebellion. Nathaniel Bacon was an English aristocrat. He led the Rebellion by a group of former indentured servants against the government in Virginia. The government at Jamestown considered that Bacon a traitor. Then, Bacon’s Rebellion fizzled out after British authorities sent a royal force to assist in quelling the uprising and arresting of rebels, white and black. They restored order in the colony and the rebellion ended. Bacon’s rebellion made the colonies decided to adopt slavery from Africa as the source of labor because with slaves they never got their freedom. Thus, the slaves in Colonial America did not take wages for their work or receive legal rights. They just received what enough to live.

Even if there were key economic variations, there were resemblances. The tobacco, crop, was on all sides. The Northern side was more successful in their economic than the south. At that time, the North was starting to become more industrialized. During the period of colonization, Northern colonies basic concentration was religion, while the Southern colonies concentrated on profit.

Majority of the settlers who came to the new world of England came from America and Europe. Their main aim was to look for greener pastures and flee from religious prosecution in their nations. As time passed on, they became more like Americans. More importantly, their social, political and economic differences increased as compared to the similarities.

The southern colonies were occupied by single men from England. They did not carry their families as they came with an aim of looking for wealth as well as a new luxurious life on their own. This society did not increase since men cannot reproduce on their own. The settlers used English to communicate since they all came from England. The southern weather supports farming. Therefore, the settlers will plant tobacco, rice, indigo and sugar. They will require slaves to work on the plantations. The settlers concentrate on profits from the plantations and hardly focuse on eduction. They spend their money adding slaves and acres of land for more and more profit. They are all Protestants following the Church of England. Therefore, religion is less important to them. For the sake of the Catholics, Maryland was established. However, probability of more Protestants to join than Catholics is high. Lord Baltimore will try to solve this problem by granting everyone Religion Torelation. This allows every person to establish his own church. Four social classes exist in the southern colonies. The first two are the professionals and the planters who are enrolled in politics of the region. The other two cases are the slaves and plain folks who do not have the right to vote. The planters are the highest class and have the political power to make and amend laws. This is a hierarchy society which sees the impossibility of social mobility. It is not a democratic society to allow the majority, the palin folk, to have the right to vorte. In the Southern colony, the higher your social class the wealthier you are and the higher political power you have.

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On the contrary, Northern colonies are more diverse as compared to the southern colonies. The settlers came as a family unit from England and spread to all parts of Europe. These settlers came with different economic, religion, language and cultural beliefs. Since the majority of them came from England, they used English language to communicate. The climate in the north is cold; therefore, the people did not practice framing. Ultimately, there was no need of slaves in the land. They gained profit from shipping, fur trading, fishing, blacksmith and carpentry. The group is most interested in education and values learned people. This m. therefore, they will make butter education to the people using their money. The religion of the Northern n people ascertains that everyone is equal in the eyes of God. This is why they cannot allow everyone to change their religion. Democracy is demonstrated in the Northern region. Every man has a right to vote and freedom to vote or not to vote. This is a privilege enjoyed in the colonies since they were not around to vote in England.

Despite the many differences between the northern and the southern colonies, several similarities were also evident. Firstly, the Northern colonies have French, Dutch and German. However, the majority were from England. Therefore, English was the main language of communication. Similarly, the Southern colony use English since they all come from England. Additionally, both the Northern and the Southern colonies are Christians. They all want self-government as they disliked the kings’ interference. Generally, Americans are richer than Europeans since they are the landowners. An individual owning a small piece of land felt comfortable and rich since he could not have owned a piece of land in England.

In summary, political, cultural, social and economic similarities between the Northern and Southern colonies are fewer than the differences. The greater the difference, the harder it is to form a nation. This explains the reason why it has taken the United States a civil war to form a nation.

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