Today’s World is Better


My family always tells me that the world is better today than it was 50 years ago, but it’s my sincere belief that the word is in the worse state than it was 50 years ago. The purpose of this essay is to argue my case out with an aim of proving to my family members that the world was better 50 years than it is today. In this essay, I am going to defend my point of view by comparing today’s world with that of 50 years ago. My arguments will consist of both the positive and negative aspects of the two settings. In my conclusion, I will compare pros and cons and decide which world can be considered to be a better one. Therefore, the main objective of this essay is to compare the world of 50 years ago and the world that we are living in today.

It is very crucial to understand the object of discussion of this essay. There are many significant changes that have taken place in between 1960 and 2012, and these new developments will be the main argument of this essay.

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Fifty years ago, the world seemed to be better than today’s world due to the following reasons; firstly, it was not so polluted, as there were less environmental problems. There were no large companies and industries that have adopted a bad habit of dumping their waste materials into the rivers. The plastic materials that and polythene papers that has been distributed everywhere were nowhere to be found. The smoke and chemicals that the same industries are releasing to the atmosphere did not exist. There was the clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink and a peaceful environment without any noise pollution. In the contrast with today’s world, today’s unclean environment is very dangerous for the survival of various creatures. Many living livings that include human being, animals and plants are heavily suffering as result of this pollution. These entire creatures are dying every single day on our land, in our rivers as well as in the atmosphere following this disaster. The emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere has resulted in droughts, which have caused a loss of many species.

Secondly, fifty years ago there were less incurable diseases, and such kinds of diseases were not so widely spread since the population was not that large compared to date. The disease like HIV/AIDs which has become a national disaster did not exist. The level of transmission of these diseases was also quite low. Now, every day is a challenge for thousands of people who strive to combat those diseases and find the medicine for these incurable diseases. Most of them can be attributed to the environmental pollution, for instance, a skin cancer. Therefore, the life of human is in danger due to these incurable diseases.

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Thirdly, 50 years ago, the level of unemployment was not as high as it is today. The number of qualified people who had no jobs was not as large as compared to the alarming numbers of high productive young unemployed people nowadays. The technology has risen that has simplified education and other technical knowledge among many individuals. The competition level has become very high and may are worth getting those good and well-paying jobs. In many countries around the globe, the rate of unemployment has recently risen, resulting in many social evils, such as organized crimes. Due to high level of unemployment, many young people have organized revolution movements as a sign of frustration, resulting in the removal from power of mighty leaders in the world, such as president Mubarak in Egypt.

Finally, the level of immorality was not as high as it is today. Fifty years ago, people were more faithful to each other. There were very little cases that involve sex outside marriage. Both men and women highly respected their partners in all perspectives. They greatly appreciated their families and the level of the divorce rate was much lower than now. There was nothing like premarital sex that is highly valued by the youth today. Those who would be found engaging in the same by any chance were heavily punished. As a result, the abortions cases were rare, human life was much more appreciated, as people were more conscious of their behavior and the decision they make. Today’s world is shocking us by the annual number of abortions taken all over the world. Abortion has become a normal thing and many are practicing the same as a weapon to avoid responsibility. The number of early pregnancies among teenager girls is on a great rise in today’s world.

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On the contrary, in today’s world, the number of children’s deaths has been reduced, the communication and transport infrastructure has been improved and a lot of new medicines have been invented and saved lives of many people. Nevertheless, these improvements have come with many negative results that now threaten the survival of the human race.


I strongly disagree with the argument that today’s world is better than the world 50 years ago, according to a lot of reasons I mentioned above. That is why we have to do our best to change our world for better, improve our ecological situation, reduce the pollution and do not forget we are humans.

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