Technology in 21 Century

Technology in the 21st century is shaping the lives of people globally. It plays a critical role in the daily occurrences that people go through. It is almost becoming impossible for people to carry out their daily activities without technological input. 90 percent of the total working population in the world operates social networking sites. Communication all over the world is made possible through a communication device.

There are various key technologies in the world today. These technologies have their benefits and risks that they pose to the society. Some of these technologies in the world range from laptops, mobile phones, webcams, and video sharing among others. Mobile phones are technological devices that are commonly used for communication. They have also been equipped with networking capabilities, so as to enable people globally to interact. People are able to join Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites through the use of their phones. Today, mobile phones are not only for calling and texting, and they offer a wide range of services to the user, which include sending pictures, taking photos, videos, watching TV and mobile games. Mobile phones are one way of staying connected and enable them to have a feeling of security. When an individual is in a state of emergency, a phone plays a key role in ensuring that the individual gets saved faster and hence save life. 21st century mobile phones are fitted with wireless technology, which enables for users to access a wide range of services from the device. Accessing wireless phone packages is easier and cheaper since many companies have come on board while opting to provide wireless technology. Cell phones are affordable and easy to use and hence almost all people globally access a cell phone. It is, therefore, a status symbol and every person makes an effort to acquire one. Mobile phones are available to all people even children, in the 21st century.

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Social networking sites give users an opportunity to create and manage a society profile online. This is carried out on mobile devices, and it is becoming an increasingly well-recognized means of interaction with a vast group of people. Some of the well-known activities carried out communication, socializing with friends, making new friends and also sharing information through photos, blogs and even music. Networking activities too gives people an opportunity to participate in communal activities and politics from wherever they are (Khosrowpour 142). For example, when there are politics in a country, people are able to share their views on the campaign or popularize their preferred candidate online. Some social networking sites have their unique themes. Flickr is used for publishing and allotment of photos while MySpace is for connecting people, content and customs.

The benefits of being on a social networking site include the ability to interact easily with your friends and family and meet new allies. It promotes innovations in areas of music and film. It also promotes interaction between users while developing communication and technological literacy knowledge. The use of social networking sites also come with its harmful effects. It is crucial for the user to be aware of the following instances. First, once an individual creates and builds up a profile it becomes visible to people who accesses the sites unless it is protected. This, therefore, means that strangers can easily get your contacts and mishandle information and, at the same time, some evil people may post harmful information or photos of another person online. These acts lower your self-esteem and may destroy your image globally.

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Despite the benefits offered by the 21st century technology, scientists have established several negative influences brought about by technology. It has been established that radiation that the devices use is responsible for causing tumors. Wireless devices increase the amount of radiation to the head and hence causing tumors. Researchers have linked the rising effects of brain tumors are linked to the increase in the number of people using cell phones (Friedman 45). Researchers are the cautioning people not to expose themselves to high levels of radiation before a conclusion is reached. The manufacturing companies have been so keen in denying this fact.

My opinion, therefore, on technology is that all people should be technology savvy as the time will come when all activities will be carried out through the use of technology. Those who will not be able to use technology may not be able to participate in a country’s development activities. In the 21st century, mobile phones are a necessity as opposed to the early days, when it was a luxury and only affordable to a few. Mobile phones have been availed in all shapes and models which offers a user a variety of features. The need for mobile phones is increasing. This trend is witnessed in the developing countries, as well, and the manufacturers have made this their target market. The best remedy to efficient use of technology, and most specifically cell phones, is to minimize its use. Children of tender age should avoid the use of such devices. People should be cautioned on where to place their devices when in standby mode. They should be kept away from the body, and when in use it should be far from the head.

In conclusion, technology has its positive and negative impacts. If people have to enjoy the benefits that accrue from the 21st century technology, then they have to take the necessary precautions to deal with the health hazards caused by technological innovations.

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