Telecommunication Technology

Telecommunication technology is one of the fast growing and ever-evolving industry. Now that it has switched from analogue to digital, its potential has no limit. Devices have become smaller and wireless while the services will be faster. Due to competition in the industry these gadgets and services have become cheaper and accessible to all. The mobile phone industry has several service providers in Cincinatti, Ohio. A marketer looking for gadgets to suit his need has several options to choose from. I have looked at various companies and settled on Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Wireless is an immensely affordable wireless carrier. They offer prepaid and post paid cell phone plans. They have moved on with technology and are offering smart phones and android phones in their deals. For anyone looking out for phones to be used for marketing, technology is paramount as one will be able to connect with many people. Most cell phone companies and service provides require clients to sign binding contracts as well as credit checks. This is not the case with Cricket wireless; they believe in their services and are confident that clients will stay because of the good services offered rather than being bound by contracts. Their plan covers different aspects, such as, music, text, web, and talk among other things. In addition to phone plans, Cricket offers fast and reliable Wireless Broad Band internet for laptops and home computers. Crickets also offers accessories for cells phones from major manufacturers such as Kyocera, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and LG. This means that an organization can source multiple services and products from the same company.

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Since Cricket has no contracts, there are no cancellation fees in case one wants to change the service provider. Cricket has a wide coverage; it covers over two hundred and fifty million people. This is because it offers a budget for all people from those who want to download data to those who want to talk.
Despite the many people subscribed to Cricket, their network is digitalized and of high quality and not congested. Their network covers the entire United States continents. It has also covered some parts of Canada.

While choosing a phone for marketing, taking into consideration that the sales people will use talk, text and web, I would go for a smart phone. Sales people need to keep up with technology in order to capture a wide base of clientele. For instance, a client may want a photo of a certain product. The salesperson requires a high quality image that will be sent instantly. Initially the cost of a smart phone may seem high but it will be worth the cost.

Cricket offers a smart phone plan that offers unlimited text, data and talk at half the cost offered by other service providers like AT &T while others charge extra for data. I would choose a smartphone plan that charges fifty-five dollars a month. This package offers voice which has the following features, short and long distance unlimited talk time, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forward. It also has messaging services that have text, picture, video, international text, international picture and video, all unlimited.

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