The Environment Preservation as to Christianity

According to Deem (2009), there are some claims that Christians are anti-environmental. This is based on the fact that some people have the perception that God created the earth for His people to use in whichever manner that they please. As a result, people tend to misinterpret that to mean that they do not hold any responsibility towards environmental conservation.

Thesis statement: Everyone, irrespective of their religion preference, has a responsibility to ensure that their actions uphold environmental conservation and restoration. This will ensure that the environment remains graceful for future generations to enjoy.

Reasons for Christians to Uphold Environmental Conservation

In the Bible, there are no scriptures that indicate that people should misuse the environment without assuming any responsibility for their actions. On the contrary, it is evident that God’s wish was to see the environment remain graceful. This is evident from the manner in which God made sure that the environment was excellently made during the earth’s creation. As such, it would only be right to ensure that the environment remains good for other people to enjoy graciously. Therefore, it is completely outrageous for people to think that it is alright for them to destroy the environment without taking any responsibilities (Deem, 2009).

Everything on earth belongs to the Lord. He knows all the creatures found on earth by their names. This means that everyone should respect what God has created y ensuring that they preserve it for the respect that is accorded to the Lord. This certifies a reason broad enough for Christians, who are followers of the Lord, to conserve and restore the environment. Therefore, for any Christian who proclaims that they believe in God, environmental conservation is one way of showing that they respect the Lord (Deem, 2009).

God takes care and provides for all the creatures on earth. This is an indication that He sets an example that human beings should follow. His precedence shows that no creature lacks as long as God reigns. Also, when God created the earth, He gave man the power to rule over the animals. This was because He believed and trusted in man to take care of the animals and the entire creation. Therefore, this means that man should stand up to his responsibility and prove that he is worthwhile of the trust that God had in him when he left in charge of His entire creation. This narrows down to enhancing environmental conservation and restoration. Hence, man has a responsibility to live up to the Lord’s expectations (Deem, 2009).

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Actions That Christians Should Take So As Enhance Environmental Conservation


One of the ways in which to enhance environmental conservation is through enhancement o recycling. This includes the recycle of plastics and plastic bags among others. As such, this will reduce environmental degradation. In churches, programs of collecting used plastics and plastic bags could be introduced. The youth could take up this responsibility during their leisure time. In the course of doing this, it could also serve as an awareness program to other people outside the church, as they would eventually learn the importance of environmental conservation. Upon collecting these plastics, they could then be transported to the recycling firms. At the end of the day, the environmental will be a better place for people to live in for the rest of their lives.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation enhances environmental preservation and restoration. For instance, preserving power ensures that the source of the power last longer. Most of the electricity is derived from hydroelectric power, geothermal power and solar power. These are resources that could eventually become exhausted. Therefore, controlling the energy use, for example, though switching off lights will ensure that these resources last longer. Eventually, the environment is conserved and the purpose for which man was created by God is fulfilled.

Cleaner Sources of Energy

Use of cleaner sources of energy ensures that the environment is conserved. This is because they do not pollute the environment. For instance, Christians could push for the use of wind energy, solar energy or geothermal energy as opposed to coal or charcoal energy. This will enhance preservation of the environment and future generations will find a clean environment where they can live happily.

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Programs against Deforestation

The church should also push for awareness programs against deforestation. This is because deforestation causes degradation of the environment. Trees attract, enhance water cycle and are habitants of some animals. They also prevent global environmental issues such as global warming. Thus, deforestation prevents all these advantages. The programs should insist on afforestation based on the rule of “cut one, plant two”. As a result, the environment will be conserved and restored. It will also prevent calamities such as drought due to long periods without rainfall. Therefore, by carrying on these programs; the church will be at the forefront of ensuring that environmental conservation is enhanced.

Individual Mannerisms

The church could also insist on the role that individual mannerisms play towards environmental conservation. These mannerisms include things such as ensuring that one does not leave taps running. As a result, the resources such as water are conserved for the sake of the environment. Undertaking such programs will ensure that the Christian fraternity reaches out to the people who could be ignorant about the effects of their actions.


From the above analysis, it is clearly evident that Christians have a responsibility from God that they must uphold. God has entrusted man with His creation so that he may take care of it. One of the ways in which man can fulfill this responsibility is to ensure that he upholds environmental conservation and restoration. It is also evident that God treasures His creation. As such, it would be against God’s will to neglect the environment. Man must live up to the Lord’s expectations.

There many ways in which Christians can enhance environmental conservation. The actions listed above could act as starting points towards a long time plan of ensuring that man abides by the laws of God. It is extremely crucial to note that Christians are a model figure in the society. This implies that their actions are under a close watch. Thus, they must do everything possible to ensure that they set admirable precedence for the rest of the society. If they choose to follow the paths that lead to environmental conservation, it will be easier to lure the rest of the society in doing the same, as opposed to if they neglect the environment. They have a responsibility to ensure that they do as the Lord commands. By doing so, they will build a better future for the coming generations. At the same time, they will earn favor in the eyes of the Lord because of their obedience to Him.

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