The Lance Armstrong Conundrum

For a long time, especially in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries there as been many debates concerning the weight and difference between ethics and humanity. In the case of Lance Armstrong, for example, the United States Anti-Doping Agency carried out a research study on Lance Armstrong, one of the United States’ leading and legendary sportsmen, and discovered that he was using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career, seven years of which he held the Title to Tour De France as the race’s champion. At the same time, it is also evident from the article that Lance Armstrong is one of the ambassadors who have advocated and campaigned for various humanitarian activities, particularly, in the provision of treatment to cancer patients in various parts in the United States, as well as other regions of the world. This brings to attention the view that Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs had selfish motives in order to maintain his position as well as his Livestrong Foundation (Klosterman Para 4).

Firstly, I wish to declare my opinion that it is ethically wrong for Lance Armstrong to use performance-enhancing drugs since he is a public figure to whom many people look at. However, I do not support the view concerning Lance Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs and its relation to his project, the Livestrong Foundation. Just as any other man, it should be understood that the life of Lance Armstrong revolved and still revolves around various aspects in his day to day life, sports and charity being some of these activities in life. At the same time, the article’s view and the stand is that a reader should view this case as a competition weighing ethics and humanity. At the same time, and this is not a right approach towards the same. One of the essential factors to note and understand concerning Lance Armstrong’s case is the fact that he has reached his self-actualization stage in life, whereby he has achieved his goal from a sports’ perspective as well as giving back to the community, through his Livestrong Foundation. The higher you climb in the social and Maslow’s ladder, the more the pressure that one is likely to face, as many people try to pull you down, and this is one of the factors that Lance Armstrong faces. This is one of the reasons that might prompt him to use performance-enhancing drugs, in order to maintain his status.

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At the same time, one necessary aspect to consider and understand in this case is the fact that the outcome of Lance Armstrong’s test concerning drug use should not in any way be related to the Livestrong Foundation. From an analysis of man’s nature, fear for failure is one of the greatest challenges that man faces. In this case, therefore, lance Armstrong might fear failure from a career and professional perspective (which is in this case maintaining his Tour De France title as the champion), but still have passion for giving back to the society, through his Livestrong Foundation. This is the difference between ethics and humanity. In conclusion, therefore Lance Armstrong’s involvement in charitable organizations, activities and humanity should not be in any way related to his career, as this might affect his foundations which he is involved in from a personal perspective and choice, for the society’s good.

In conclusion, it is necessary to note that there is a difference between humanity and ethics. This difference comes from the people towards which an action is projected. In the case of Lance Armstrong, for example, his humanitarian act through the Livestrong Foundation is subjected towards the society, which is a positive contribution to the cancer patients. However, lack of ethics is projected towards him and his career, through the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Both the career and the foundation are two independent entities. Therefore, his ethical flaws should not be in any way associated and related to his humanitarian endeavors.

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