Do Girls and Boys Benefit More From Being Taught Together or Separately

From a general point of view, there only exists single-sex education in the entire Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is clear to indicate that there are benefits that have been laid down beside this decision of teaching boys and girls separately.

Basically, every society is striving to ensure that they nurture a health single-sex education. Gender equality has for many years raised differences, thus, leaving a good number of questions unanswered. Efforts have been made so as to reduce gender biasness but little was achieved until recently when education took a new direction.

With the evolution of education, women were in the first instance considered to be in charge of house chores and there had no need to go for education. Men, on the other hand, were wage earners. It later grew gradually to a point where both were taken schools for education in the same classes. With time researched were in progress on whether each of the sex could be taught separately in order to realize high productivity from both sexes.

The researches that have been done by several scholars have shown positive effects of single-sex education. It is, therefore, advantageous to teach boys and girls separately for good performance.

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Limitations of All Kinds of Schools

In this section, the paper will analyze the defects that are realized in all the schools; that is both single-sex and coeducation. Socialization is usually a key problem that has been seen to hinder schools. For example, in a single-sex school, they may not be in a better position to communicate or generally interact with the other sex after schooling. The outside world usually comprises of a mixed sex and job market has improved from the specification and allows people to engage in all kind of chores irrespective of sex. From this argument boys and girls will not be feeling comfortable working with the girls as they consider them as weaker sex.

In single-sex schools, vices will arise in schools. According to researches done, it was found that behaviors such as homosexuals and lesbians may arise as they will tend to socialize within themselves and avoid the outside world. In defining borders for both boys and girls by education, they will not have a chance to express their feelings to their partners. With time a new culture will emerge when they will develop a relationship between them.

Coeducation is a type of education that has been in place since education was introduced. Although this kind of education has realized many good results for the many decades that have been in place, there are some limitations that were noted.

First, the two sexes do not have the same personalities and, therefore, there is a need to separate them. Their differences range from behavioral differences. Girls and boys bear quite unique behaviors which will be of benefit if they are separated in order to allow them to perform. Their working rate also differs. When they are taught together, one side of the coin will have been considered while the other one left to perish.

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Quantitative research

Researches have been conducted in the United States in order to come up with clear statistics on the composition of single-sex schools and coeducation schools. Basing on studies that were conducted between 2007 and 2008, an approximate of 97% of private schools comprised of coeducational while 3% were single-sex schools. Generally, 2.1% of boys and 1.9% of girls are educated in single-sex schools. The findings from the study showed that they are small as compared to elementary and secondary school students that go through coeducational education (Growing Smart, 1997).

Benefits of Single-Sex Education

Through educational evolution, the researchers came up with findings that revealed that both sexes could be toughed separately because of a number of reasons. The first reason was is the elimination of gender biasness. When both boys and girls are taught, there will be a high chance of promoting gender differences. Statistics reveal that the majority have preferred single-sex schools for their daughters as they see it as a good solution to their children. The main reason that was brought about from this argument was the fact that performances vary as considered from the coeducation schools. The raising of concern for girls has caused single-sex either sides.

Secondly, the differences in disciplines between girls and boys are obvious. This is clearly seen across educational environs. In the kindergartens, parents and teachers instruct their girls to behave like girls but leave boys to play rough without any much concern. In this case, it is suggested that girls will be favored more that their colleagues despite their same environment. It is rather better to separate so that each group is favored accordingly. Expectations for boys are higher than those of girls, teachers will, therefore, take their time to encourage boys. In times of assistances, boys are told to make a second try while girls are not given a second chance. As a result, girls will learn to be dependent and boys will be independent throughout their lives.

Through single-sex education, both sexes will attain self-benefits. For example, vices such as destructions are eliminated when they are separated from one another. Students will be allowed to reason beyond their hormones. The girl schools have an enabling environment and take the minds of girls away from trials. They will be more comfortable being purely girls in class than being mixed.

There are 95 single-sex public schools in New York City. 140 classrooms were built to experiment on this type of education.

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Reasons supporting stated arguments

Separation of boys and girls is encouraged by Islamic culture. The Islamic community has embraced this kind of education for religious benefits. For instance, there are specific classes that are meant for boys and vice versa. It is for this case, therefore, that single-sex schools have been introduced.

Secondly, feminism is currently at the center stage. The economic growth has globally affected the education sector. After a thorough analysis of the research, it was found out that women are in a position to perform the tasks that not long ago were performed by men only. In order to improve women’s productivity, education sector was reviewed by introducing single-sex schools.

Globalization has introduced a custom where men and women are treated equally. As an opposing element, boys and girls are supposed to be educated in the same environment in order to enable the share knowledge other than separating them. Teachers prefer teaching boys than girls because of their own personal reasons.

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Coeducation and single-sex education are both beneficial to teachers and students. Although, from the analysis above, it has become clear that single-sex schooling is more productive than coeducation. The reasons that have been stated in support of this statement include motivation, performance, feminism and personal benefits. The outside world usually comprises of mixed sexes and job market has improved from specification and allows people to engage into all kind of chores irrespective of sex. From this argument, therefore, boys will not feel comfortable working with the girls as they consider them as a weaker sex but with same rewards. It is better to separate so that each group is favored accordingly. Expectations for boys are higher that those for girls, teachers will therefore take their time to encourage boys.

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