Religion vs Politics

What is freedom for you? For many people it when no one cannot judge your thoughts and actions. And it is true! But very difficult to find golden middle when on the one side is right and on the other side right to. When two power collide, and beginning controversy.

For over the last three hundred years, the relationship between religion and government in USA are changing. Connection between them was, sometimes are collision, sometimes action parallel to each other, and it was so exciting aspect of American life through history.

Constitutional prohibition in this area is perceived as a wall that separating religious and government. Constitution establishes the secular state or secular system of power, but want to exclude the influence of religion on society, and on the politics. There is was many religious ideas that are really influenced on the constitution and politic power that exist. Religious values have a very strong influence on different movements, including the absolutism movement and the civil rights movement. And religious institution continues to stay system that lad to the people participates in the civil norms. The government does not take any particular position in the religious issue.

The moment that divided church and government in USA that, was inspired by the two different political movements. The founders fathers as a James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were on the influence by the French ideas of enlightenment, and they are understood that supporting any religious group led to

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the political power. The hostile feelings that people feel to another religion transform in to the political hatred, and it can be harmful to the whole system. American constitution is like two-way road. It is mean that in USA religion and politic can exist together but if they will action separately. The position that contained in constitution sort of antireligious and it is the meter to separate church and government. Other people thinking differently. They believe that divided church and the government was good for the strengthening religion position, but provided that they action will concentrated around church.

But of course, existing many case when, this both sides are collision. One of this collision is reproductive choose movement or (Pro-choice)- it is a social movement that lad to woman make an abortion, and with special ethical-political position. The alternative to the Pro-choice movement is Pro-life movement. Supporters of abortion rights believe that issue to save or stop pregnancy it is personal choice, that concerns woman’s bodies, personal health and own future.

The Pro-choice was born in 1973 when in USA was legalized abortion. The decisive argument in favor of legalizing abortion in the United States was the situation of the 1960s during the rubella epidemic when was born about fifteen thousand child with anomalies. In this case blamed nine doctors in California. After this, the law of TaxesState about restriction on abortion recognized contrary to the U.S. Constitution and personal infringement of woman independence.

Official statement by the Christian religion organization showed that views on abortion is differently. Many Catholics do not accept official banned from Vatican. In Open letter to Collin Powell from coalition of the religion leaders including Catholics and Protestant church, asked USA support the Cairo Declaration.

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Many people many mind! Definitely, that church is banned abortion, but the constitution is allowed it. The main thesis of the constitution is that everyone is free! On this basis, we can understand that abortion it is normal, and if woman want to do it, now body cannot judge her. It is very difficult to find the golden middle, but we should try. And we hope that in the future, this conflict will be resolved.

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