Two Different Lifestyles

They say. “Every person is a new door to a different world.” And this is true. Two people can be born in the different world, a world of the poor and a world of the rich hence defining their different lifestyles. For instance, the case of Thomas and Kevin who were known to be the best friends’ ever in high school but has fate decides, there friendship turned out to be soar as not expected. It left them acting in the entire compound as strangers to each other despite being recognized in the whole school to be inseparable despite their trust and respect for each other.

Kevin came from a very wealthy family whereby his father was a re-known professor and his mother was a nurse. The success of their parents motivated Thomas so much and he envied them by working so hard in school at a younger age. Though Thomas on the other side came from a very humble poor family he also kept on working hard in school. In some occasions, they could hardly afford food but through the hard work of his poor parents who had no job, they all managed to educate him through high school. Thomas dream was to succeed in life so as to save his parents from those poor living conditions.

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Despite there different lifestyles, Thomas and Kevin met in the same high school, the same classroom. Each one having a defined goal in their lives, they found themselves occasionally in the same group discussions helping each other to do assignments. This common goal brought them together hence ending up being the best friends’ ever in school and knowing the weakness of each other. As they say, “Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.” All this was true especially after Kevin discovering the kind of family Thomas came from and accepted him that way.

Hell broke loose one day when Kevin found a new crop of friends, friends who were always sneaking out of class to go and smoke as much as they were high school students, engaging in sexual activities and dealing with drugs, partying all the time and so on. Thomas didn’t like what his friend had turned out to be, since a friend in need is a friend in deed, he tried helping him by warning him of the repercussions of his behavior but Kevin couldn’t listen to him. Instead, he despised him in front of other students embarrassing him and even making fun of his poor family. As the days went by, each time Kevin could find Thomas minding his own business, he and his friends could bully him by making fun of his poor family. This kind of behavior even led to poor performance of Kevin in class. His grades dropped drastically and the reason was, each and every time he could not do the assignments.

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On the other side, Kevin developed new friends who had vision and mission of them being in school and they were both good believers of God, they obeyed the school rules and never found themselves on the wrong side of the school rules. These friends supported Thomas by encouraging him whenever Kevin made fun of his family. All they could advice him is to pray for Kevin to change his behavior.

One day, Thomas could not bare the insults he was receiving from his past friend Kevin. He hated the idea that, as much as he was coming from a poor family, Kevin had a right to respect his family. This led to him having a very big fight and at the end of the day and they were both suspended from school for quite sometimes before they could be allowed to come back. It is after coming back that their enmity developed in their hearts to an extent to whereby they could no longer stand each other and instead, they behaved like stranger who had just met the first day they had joined the high school.

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