The Sociological Frame Work and Socialization


There are many fields in which the life of a human being is studied. Researchers can choose to focus on behavior, interrelation, individual function, populations, and many other aspects. Also, some research requires the use of certain viewpoints in order to achieve favorable results. This is how researchers choose their method of investigating matters.


Human beings are social creatures that depend on each other for survival. Sociology is the study of social life among the human race. It uses critical analysis and empirical research to develop and acquire more knowledge on human social activity. Some sociologists opt to conduct research which may be directly applied to social policy. However, some other sociologists just focus on the theoretical side of sociology. The study ranges from micro-level systems to macro-level systems, as well as the social structure. Sociology is an extremely wide field of study (Berger,1963).Therefore, it is divided into many subsections, which make the study easier.

Demographic, Physiological, Sociological, and Behavioral Viewpoints

Demographic viewpoints are ones that focus on a statistical study and consideration of human populations, as well as subpopulations. Demography can be applied to any dynamic population. It deals with the structure, size, and distribution of populations all over the world. Therefore, when change and comparisons are being made, the demographic viewpoint is necessary to consider. It compares different human populations from different parts of the world. Just like sociology, demography can deal with a small population or a larger one.

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Physiology is the study of the function of existing living systems. It includes a study of how organisms, organs, cells, and other parts of living things carry out their physical and chemical functions. It is a science that is vital for the understanding of how a human being functions. Unlike demographics which deal with more than one person, physiology deals with the functioning of an individual. Therefore, when something is studied with the consideration of the physiological viewpoint, the structure and functioning are the main points of interest.

Sociological perspectives or viewpoints involve studies in which human social life is considered. This is where the relationship between different human beings comes in; the coexistence of human beings is studied in sociology. Therefore, any study that incorporates a sociological viewpoint deals with these relationships. They could be at a small scale when a small population is involved, or a larger scale.

Behavior is mannerisms or a range of actions carried out or exhibited by human beings. Therefore, behavioral viewpoints in studies deal with how human beings conduct themselves. When comparisons are made using this viewpoint, the conduct of human beings is taken into account (Burch,1980).It is clear that there are many ways or perspectives on investigating different issues in the world today. It only depends on the interest of the researcher, as well as the phenomena being studied.

Demographic Category Relating to the Present Day

When demography is used in the study of a population, many categories can be considered. One of such categories is the analysis of the gap between the rich and the poor in relation to the present-day technological changes. Over the years, technology has been extremely dynamic. Every day, there appears an essential invention in the technological industry. Technology is useful and has many advantages. However, it also has disadvantages. Technology is expensive to acquire. For any population to move with the changing times, it needs to have necessary resources. Therefore, technology also contributes to widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

The gap between the rich and the poor can be studied using populations from all over the world. There are some countries whose wealth is much enormous as compared to others. For example, most western countries have all available resources on earth. This is seen by their ability to keep up as well as create the technological pace according to which the world moves. Whenever there are new technologies, most of the populations of such countries are able to acquire them. This technology results in increased production in these countries. On the other hand, there are countries in the world which are extremely poor. In such countries, only a few people have access to latest technologies. People in these countries do not even have access to the Internet (Throckmorton, 2007). They only hear about it but never have an opportunity to use it. Some people in such countries just struggle to survive. Their main agenda of the day is to find something to feed on. Therefore, they have no time and money for technology. As a result, such countries are extremely poor. If they have some natural resources, richer countries only exploit them, and this gap continues widening.

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This gap between the rich and the poor can be evidently seen in individual countries, especially in poor ones. In such countries, there are some rich people who have established themselves. They live in spacious mansions and have a rich lifestyle. However, there are some people in the same countries who can barely make ends meet. This is because their resources are limited. They live in slums where sanitation is exceedingly poor. For example, this can be seen in South Africa. The country has gold mines, which seem to benefit the rich population. Therefore, there are people who are extremely rich. However, there are extremely poor people in the same country. South Africa holds the largest slum in the world. A large number of the population in the country still lives in poverty. This is also the case in many present countries. There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor. As time goes by, people would expect that this gap gets reduced. However, it continues to increase. This is the trend that was seen in the past and is still being experienced in the present. The rich continue getting richer, while the poor get poorer. This is because the rich use their resources to acquire new ones, while the poor population upholds its unhealthy culture and lifestyles which make them poorer. This results in the creation of social classes in a nation which are treated according to the amount of wealth owned individuals.

Importance of Demographic Categories in Researching Social Phenomena

Demographic categories are vital when it comes to the study of social phenomena. This is because it deals with the actual population whose social life is being studied. In the demographic category of the gap between the rich and the poor, social relations between people have also been studied. It reveals the fact that poor people live in the same geographical area (Novoqratz,2009).This is the same case for the rich population. Therefore, these people develop a culture depending on the social class in which they exist. People to whom they relate depend on people who are directly around them. Thus, this demographic category has social value, since it helps to study interrelations between different human beings. Furthermore, when studying social life of human beings, the best thing to deal with is the actual population.


There are many ways of investigating lives of humans. From the essay provided above, it is clear that demographic categories are extremely vital in the sociological study. This is because they tell more about the population being studied. They also deal with the distribution of the population, which tells more about social lives of the people involved. Therefore, this is one of the best approaches to sociology.

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